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Melinda Knight

Dhana Cohen

Professional Information

Expertise: Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations
Years Experience: 20+ Years
Country: United States
Location: Illinois
Organizations: American Women Inventorz, NFP, Women Inventorz
Favorite Hobbies: Inventing, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media
Title: Co-Owners
Number of employees: 2

Contact Information

Website: womeninventorznetwork.com
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About Me

The Women Inventorz Network (W.I.N.) was created to inspire, nurture, educate, award, protect and promote a women inventors network across the U.S. and Canada.  It is the new voice for The Next Big Zing and Womentorz to create the ULTIMATE network and marketing tool for women inventors!


W.I.N. provides a community and supportive environment to assist in all areas of bringing a product to market using the concept of group marketing.  We consider ourselves connectors and launching pad for a women inventors network to get their products found.



W.I.N. provides a user friendly website, which allows women inventors to sell their products directly to consumers, thereby eliminating cost and dependency on retail distribution. Every item listed is supporting a network of creative women and sustaining their creativity and independence.


Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

To help provide a safe and reliable resource for the inventors in our community to come and find experts in our industry.


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