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CEO & Founder

Professional Information

Expertise: Entrepreneur, Marketing, Sales
Years Experience: 3 - 5 Years
Country: United States
Location: Illinois
Organizations: Drink Deck LLC
Schools: Purdue University
Favorite Books: The Tipping Point
Favorite Hobbies: Food & Drink
Title: CEO & Founder
Number of employees: 5

Contact Information

Website: thedrinkdeck.com
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About Me

Ambitious sales & marketing guy with a print & digital media concept that's ready to grow!

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

I was recently asked by a new college graduate to help him with some advice on his start up and I realized that my advice was valuable! Before I quit my "day job" I was coached by my boss to "Get a mentor.". Do you think he was offering to mentor me? No. What a poor leadership move that turned out to be. Now that I've gotten 4 years under my belt as a think outside the box entrepreneur I've realized that I have acquired so many new skills, and that people value my opinion on these new skills.


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