Thought Leadership Features – a quote or a majorin a major publication.


Apply for Thought Leadership Feature

Support MeetAdvisors community and share your thought leadership with major publications:Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, TheStreet, Chicago Tribune and other publications.

Why we do it:

As MeetAdvisors grew, we realized the value of thought leadership from major publications is invaluable to the credibility. A few of the benefits of our thought leadership features:

- Place “As Seen On” on your website to improve conversion

- Link from a highly authoritative site has amazing impact on your SEO

- Increase awareness of your brand with possible cus tomers, investors and other audiences

What we do:

Since launch we have focused on building relationships with media and offer assistance in identifying thought leaders in our community. Weather you have a startup or an accounting practice, your unique perspective can have an impact and offer readers valuable insight.

How we do it:

Step 1:

Qualification - Interview with MeetAdvisors team member to determine if your thought leadership is a fit for our existing relationships.

Step 2:

Desired Outlets - Let us know which of our current relationships would be a ideal for your thought leadership features.

Step 3:

Presentation - We begin to identify opportunities.


Are features guaranteed? No, we try our best.

How long does it take? We commit to 60 days, if we are unable to deliver results in that timeframe, we would suspend efforts.

What is the Though Leader qualification process? 30 min call with a MeetAdvisors team member and we will respond within 48 hours.

What is the cost? $1.5k-$3k for most features depending on the extent of your experience and perceived thought leadership. We collect 50% to start and remainder due within 24 hours after placement (to the credit card on file). If we are not successful within 60 days, we refund the card on file.

Why the cost? You are fueling MeetAdvisors ability to empower businesses.

For Contributing Writers:

Support us by considering thought leaders from our community. Share with us the topics you cover and we will present top thought leaders for your review. By letting us help you reach top business owners, you are supporting MeetAdvisors in our mission to empower businesses. Please contact info [at]