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Suresh Kumar

Professional Information

Expertise: Entrepreneur, Business Strategy, Professional Development Coach
Years Experience: 20+ Years
Location: New Jersey
Company: Green Earth LLC
Title: Dr.
Number of employees: 110

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About Me

I identify myself as a serial entrepreneur, educator, researcher, mentor, mentee, disruptor, collabotator, and an evangalist for beneficial change. I am aware that some of the terms may see contradictory- but what makes the field of entrepreneurship so exciting is that there is no one size fits all.  I am fortunate that my ventures  teams and I survived two of the worst economic recessions in recent memory (post 9/11 and 2007-2009). Two of the firms that I cofounded have been ranked among the INC 500/5000 list and one in the Deloitte 500 of fast growing private firms in the U.S. I have learned from my experience that there in a very thin red line between success and failure and that apart from all the good stuff taught in classrooms, old school values such as persistence, a stubborn refusal to accept failure, hard work, developingg deep friendships, and luck ( and yes, it often favors the Brave) play critical roles in entrepreneurial outcomes. 

To fuel  my deep passion and intellectual curiosity, I have pursued and completed a doctoral study on high-growth immigrant entrepreneurs. I have presented my research study/workshops at international academic and practitioner conferences including at the Academy of Management, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, and ICSB. I enjoy the process of learning from and sharing my experiences with other entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and policy makers. I am in the process of exploring opportunities at the intersection of Entrepreneurship, Education, Policy, and Social Change. An area of particular interest for me is designing practical grassroots strategies to nurture and grow local entrepreneurial ecosystem. My other interests are Sustainability, Sports (tennis, football, soccer, and athletics), Politics, History, and Writing. I love to disrupt established norms that are unfair or ineffective, but by nature I am a Collaborator and seek ways to build and leverage high-trust relationships networks in ways that would benefit key stakeholders. My deepest passion is helping usher in beneficial Social Change through Entrepreneurship



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