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Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. First off, it’s hard to say. “Entrepreneur.” And spell, let alone do. And try fitting it on your tax forms or business cards. Yet despite these obstacles, savvy business-minded individuals continue to throw their hats into the entrepreneur ring. Actually, there is no entrepreneur ring, but there is MeetAdvisors—a place to hang out and meet like-minded entrepreneurs, with or without hats.

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Hey Entrepreneur: That's right, we're talking to you! Start making your startup story known. Tell us your tale and if it impresses our editors, you could be contacted for an interview so they can write about you. How's that for exposure! We filter popularity by votes/thumbs, let's get busy pushing to the top spot!

If your story gets traction, we may contact you with our Media Relations Services, we do ask for a success fee if your story is published to desired media outlets (Forbes,, or any of the outlets which have covered MeetAdvisors to date). Consider it paying dues while helping us help entrepreneurs like you.

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PR Agencies and Publicists: Meet MeetAdvisors and greet opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs. It’s exciting, easy, and off the hook. Just tell us your area of expertise and we’ll do our best to hook you up!

Reporters, Bloggers and Writers: If you’re never content with your content and are always looking for more subjects to cover, then let us know and we’ll introduce you to newsworthy startups that’ll make your heart startup and your news beat faster!

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