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Scott Cohen
Global Entry Strategy Consultant

Professional Information

Expertise: Marketing, Operations, Business Strategy
Years Experience: 10 - 20 Years
Location: Arizona
Organizations: SBC Consulting
Schools: Temple University, University of California at San Diego
Favorite Books: Structures of Scientific Revolutions, The Proteus Operation
Favorite Hobbies: Football, Learning, Teaching
Title: Global Entry Strategy Consultant
Number of employees: 1

Contact Information

Website: sbcconsulting.weebly.com
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About Me

Competitive Analysis, Global Marketing Objectification, Strategic Thinking: Ten (10) year career in helping small to medium-sized firms to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate entry strategies for market penetration, market development, and product expansion purposes. In total more than 20 years worth of experience building new products, conquering intractable strategic issues and driving revenue growth for start-up, small and medium-size manufacturing firms.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

To helps mall and medium-sized firms overcome the risks in "going global."


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