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Your Customers are Watching, Smile!

Your Customers are Watching, Smile!



In 2015, everybody is using technology, social media and and other tools to constantly watch and observe their favorite, or least favorite, companies. Do you smile even when you think nobody’s watching? It is imperative in this lightning fast, on-demand, age of business to always have your eyes open to what is happening around you. Insights on customers, competitors and neighbors is key to business success. To be the hero of your customers, make sure you are always smiling -- 24/7/365.  Here are companies that smile are smiling and keeping their partners happy.

1. Innotas 4


Innotas, the leading provider of Cloud Portfolio Management solutions, delivers a seamless way to manage projects, resources and applications across the enterprise. Innotas solutions include Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Predictive Portfolio Analysis (PPA), Resource Management, Agile Portfolio Management, and the Innotas Integration Platform. Each platform helps companies get more out of projects by reducing costs and redundant work through better managing resources by realizing gaps in people and skills.

Another advantage to the suite of software is easier access through a SaaS model with better pricing for a wider range of users. Among its many recognitions, Innotas received the San Francisco Best Places to Work award again in 2014 and a "Leader" in Gartner's Cloud-based IT Project and Portfolio Management Magic Quadrant for a third straight year.


Tushar Patel, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Innotas says Innotas aims to “enable organizations and especially IT departments to achieve more.” He continues, “every organization has an abundance of things to do, but only limited resources to complete the tasks--we help them focus those resources to get more done. In addition, we provide tools and metrics that help IT departments become a value add, rather than just a cost.”


To make their customers smile, Tushar says they focus on internal culture and smiling employees first. “People are motivated when they are happy with their jobs, when they are challenged, but not overworked. We start by making sure internal customers are happy, which ultimately makes our partners happy. In addition, we provide best practices and a phenomenal experience every touch we have.”

2. OAM Technologies 3

OAM Technologies

Established in 2013, OAM Technology Services provides services to industries including telecommunications, cable, and communications in the area of Service Management and Orchestration for next generation services. This includes working closely with clients to drive transformation in their back office and operations or solution offerings for managing and orchestrating an emerging generation of virtualized and physically connected services.  As service definitions become more complex, back office automation and specification of open interfaces between systems becomes more critical as information sharing across systems, as well as across Operators, becomes necessary.


Brian Hedstrom, Founder, says his goal is to “simplify their day to day operations. If they are in a manual centric state of business, simplify things by using software for automation--in today’s world, three clicks should be able to get just about anything done.”

3. SEE Forge 3

SEE Forge

SEE Forge is a foolproof, Fat Finger mobile application that allows oil field workers to do their job without paper. SEE Forge integrates with existing legacy systems and providers real-time operational analytics to management. James McDonough, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

says he is an entrepreneur by blood and has founded a few companies over his life. He has a background in heavy industries, operations and then moved on to management consulting and operational excellence. Inspiration for SEE Forge has come from seeing all the waste on inefficient and unsafe processes.


James says, “I start by living the problem and then try to solve it with technology. We make data available so that better decisions can be made to boost efficiency and safety. The great thing about our platform is that it conforms to the processes and nomenclature that already exists for the companies, we do not disrupt or completely start over from scratch.”


To make sure his customers smile, James explains “it starts with managing their expectations. We have success coaches on our team, in addition to a support hotline and email for customer service. The success coach builds a relationship and has a proven methodology to share successes while working within a framework to what will make a successful project.”

4. Stroud International 2

Stroud International

When you start with the belief that anything is possible, anything really is. Stroud was created with this belief and they have made it their mission to foster it in everything they do. But it isn't about dreaming, it's about doing. Beliefs alone do not unleash potential, but armed with the tenacity to go after problems and the capabilities to realize them: truly great things are possible. Stroud calls this union of belief, motivation, and capability “abundant thinking.”


They embody “abundant thinking” when tackling the most valuable and challenging opportunities – nothing makes them roll up their sleeves like being told it cannot be done. Over time, they have realized a great deal of untapped opportunity in operational efficiency. While to some marketing and product development is sexy, the need to improve processes is what drives them to succeed.


Gaurav Gupta, Principal of Stroud, says, “many of our competitors identify opportunities through benchmarking, looking at competitors and their costs, their efficiencies, etc. Unfortunately, benchmarking is fundamentally flawed, as it only looks at what somebody else has done and thought about. We look at our customers businesses and model their operations in a perfect world. We then work with them to remove obstacles and constraints to achieve more. As we have access to more and more data, using it can be helpful in enabling us to make better fact based decisions.”


To make their customers smile, Gaurav says they work to “understand how to best help the client, while at the same time embodying the willingness to tell them what they need to hear, but sometimes might prefer not to. Engaging in discussions as a true partner, to develop shared solutions for long term success is what develops lasting relationships.”

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