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Your Business Is a Game of Tennis

Your Business Is a Game of Tennis



Like a game of tennis, your first serve is your first impression on your opponent. In other words, your initial delivery to your customers is crucial. If your pitch, or in this scenario, your serve, doesn’t make it inside the box, your opponent will most certainly not engage. Similarly, if your business does not present a product worth buying, your customers are not going to give you or your business the attention you seek. You want to volley the ball back forth, just like you want to do continuous business with your clients. Here are a few companies that have played a great match of tennis with their clients:

1. Makers Kit 18

Makers Kit

Los Angeles based MakersKit is the leading brand in DIY with distribution in over 4,000 retail locations across the US, Canada, Australia and Japan.


“It is within the first 30-60 seconds that you know if you will build a partnership or not. Believe in love at first sight and make sure you don’t spend too much time on a relationship that doesn’t strike you as awesome immediately.” - Mike Stone, CEO

2. SocialSign 1


SocialSign.in enables businesses to learn about visitors and use WiFi as a channel for building relationships with customers. Business owners and commercial space operators use SocialSign.in to add a Marketing layer to their guest WiFi. Our network allows end users (your customers) to access your guest WiFi, easily identify themselves and interact with the business or sponsor. For each business we work with, they are able to efficiently grow customer mailing lists, dynamically message guests, improve their social media engagement and drive app downloads. SocialSign.in produces metrics such as visitation frequency from data that has to date been difficult and expensive to collect for physical venues. It’s all displayed in our elegant, easy to use dashboards and accessible with integrations into popular CRM, email or social marketing platforms.


“Think carefully about the competition and the important dynamic of communicating with them. When you stake out your ground always gain headway and try not to enter arenas above your level.” - Mike Perrone, CEO

3. Keen Home 1

Keen Home

At Keen Home, we create proactive devices that enhance the core functions of the home. We identify ineffective devices and enable them to reach their full potential by adding intelligence through innovative hardware and software solutions. By elevating these essential systems, Keen Home’s customers benefit from increased comfort, improved energy efficiency, and a better maintained home. With Keen Home’s tech, your home can finally take care of you.


“For us, competition is a share of the consumer’s wallet. The need exists for a more comfortable home environment, our solution provides that and offers cost savings as well.” - Ryan Fant, Co-Founder

4. Kapta 1


Kapta is an Enterprise Goal Management Platform that allows CEOs and other executives to communicate company goals, track employee contributions and see status through a real-time dashboard.


Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Kapta gives executives a clear line of sight into each team member’s performance and the system’s easy-to-use alignment tools keep employees on track in less than five minutes each week. Kapta’s intuitive input process virtually eliminates “work about work” and instead provides employee alignment and executive feedback to successfully scale your business.


“We give our customers the ability to gracefully and effectively build transparency around their work, while more deeply engaging their partners. Because impressions and communication are essential for success, using tools like Kapta becomes paramount to long term relationships.“ - Alex Raymond, CEO

5. Lua 1


The leading enterprise communication solution. Lua powers organizations with mobile messaging that's built for business: instant, secure and keeps everyone accountable. We're helping organizations work smarter and be more productive with a mobile-first solution that gives workers the information they need wherever they are, through secure messaging, conference calling, file sharing, directory, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Headquartered in New York City with several U.S. locations, Lua is improving workflows everyday in top organizations across the U.S. and in a range of sectors including healthcare providers, event venues, travel and hospitality, financial services, and major governmental organizations.


“First impressions are crucial to get the concept across to your prospects and show how you will deploy the system. We always want to insure success by showing transparency and the building a pathway to our goal.” - Michael DeFranco, Founder & CEO

6. IrisVR 0


Architects, engineers, and designers spend a good chunk of time illustrating their ideas with tools like Revit, Rhino, and SketchUp, but these designs are still confined to the computer screen. This is a big problem; 2D screens are terrible at communicating how a space actually feels. At Iris, we're using virtual reality to solve this problem. Our software enables you to make immersive, true-to-scale VR walkthroughs on your computer with one click. You'll need an Oculus Rift or other VR display to use our technology.


“When you are a small startup, it is very important to remember that the first people you hire, your starting line, builds the culture of the company for the future. If you want to be that 2,000 employee company, start thinking carefully about what you are building right now.“ - Shane Scranton, Co-Founder

7. Pathgather 0


Pathgather is a social learning platform that helps your workforce learn more by learning together. We make it really simple for learners to discover the best content, keep track of what they learn, and connect around personal and professional development.


“We created our platform to be special and grab attention. We skipped the MVP and opted to build a robust product with full features to make sure that our potential customers would value it right away.” - Eric Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO

8. Grove 0


At Grove Labs, we build products that help people grow food in their homes.


At Grove Labs, we’re on a mission to design products that empower people to grow healthy food because we believe that everybody, in the not-so-distant future, will grow their own healthy food right where they live. If we’re right, this movement will help mitigate some of the largest global problems that agriculture is causing — from soil degradation to greenhouse gas emissions to agro-chemical abuse.


“Have a real “why” and “how” you’re going to make the world better. And always stay focused and keep grinding--it is very rare that things work out the first time.” - Gabriel Blanchet, Co-Founder & CEO

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