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Wowed Wednesday: 12 Companies That Make Your Jaw Drop

Here at MeetAdvisors, we recently discovered the following 12 companies.  We’re glad we had the chance to look into them – it’s obvious that every single one of these companies are unique in so many ways.  Can’t wait to try them out!

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1. Photofy 3614

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably taken hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of your favorite things: your pet, food, funny things, nature, and the list goes on.  Photofy is a new mobile app that lets you turn your ordinary photos into works of art and then share them with the world!  Simply capture the photograph, create something you love, and enhance them with Photofy.  Your photos are an expression of you – transform your photographs and express your personality with the world.


2. 7 Cups of Tea 1027

Do you ever need to vent to someone but know you shouldn’t in case your texts get screenshotted?  7 Cups of Tea respects your privacy by allowing you to connect one-on-one with a listener while remaining completely anonymous.  These listeners are trained in active listening and will be connected to you through a secure network that deletes all conversations.  As an on-demand emotional health and well-being service, they are using technology to help people talk to others when they need it most.


3. Wideo 943

Wideo lets you make and share awesome videos online by creating something from an editable template to starting from scratch, Wideo can help you bring your brand to life and capture your audience’s attention.  Their online tool allows you to easily make animation videos for various projects; it’s never been so easy to create an online video, until now. 


4. Remoov 705

If you’ve ever moved (either personally or through your business) you know all the hassle that goes along with selling and re-buying items during the moving process.  Remoov gives people the opportunity to sell their items and declutter their homes by reducing the stress of moving.  Remoov works with trusted professional businesses that specialize in each item category in order to sell your items and get you the most value for your piece.  Items that are not for resale will be offered to charities, and remaining items will be recycled or taken to a junk center for responsible decommission. 


5. Phreesia 73

Phreesia is an innovative, point-of-service platform that drives efficiency and profitability throughout your organization.  This innovative POS solution, digitizes intake, automates eligibility, calculates patient responsibilities, and more, all before the patient sees the provider.  Set up is easy and they also train your staff on how to get the most out of your new solution.  When patients arrive, they are handed a PhreesiaPad to complete the electronic check-in interview from the waiting room.  Then, Phreesia does the rest by collecting a full patient history, signatures, insurance information, and more – cut down on paper, try Phreesia today!


6. HomeZada 25

HomeZada is an online and mobile software that organizes and manages your home by improving and maintaining it.  To keep your home running smoothly and efficiently, you must keep up with all general maintenance tasks along with other fun projects to enhance your home.  Their home management software is a single online solution that can help manage all aspects of your home from finances to home inventory to a home maintenance schedule.


7. Tipalti 9

Did you know that Tipalti in Hebrew means “We will take care of it.”  Well, this is exactly what Tipalti, a payment and payment method company does for their clients.  Not only does Tipalti help with payments, they also help with payment methods.  With 7 different payment methods for different countries’ currency and tax forms, they are better able to serve the global mass-payment industry.  

8. Dealflicks 8

Dealflicks offers movie ticket and concession deals for up to 60% off, and no, there’s no hidden fees and they aren’t available for just one day out of the week.  By partnering directly with movie theaters, they are able to help them fill more of their empty seats.  Because there’s an average of 88% of seats going empty, they are able to negotiate the best deals on tickets and concession items.  Their service is free and is available to you every day of the year.  

9. Lenda 6

Lenda lets you manage home loan refinancing on your own terms, you don’t even have to visit the bank!  Refinancing a home loan can take over two months – this costs you time and money.  With Lenda, you can close in days, rather than months.  Lenda does not hide behind any secret or hidden fees, unlike conventional banks, Lenda is very transparent and provides customized quotes that specify all costs and fees. 


10. DreamJobbing 5

DreamJobbing is a digital platform that broadcasts one-of-a-kind job openings and experiences that anyone in the world can apply for by simply submitting a video application.   Founders Lisa Hennessy, Alex Boylan, and Burton Roberts are a team of successful entrepreneurs and TV producers, who have a successful track record of combining their adventurous nature with extraordinary jobs. They’ve worked with multiple TV programs, like the Biggest Loser and Contender among other successful shows.  You CAN Change Your Story.  What are you waiting for, apply for your dream job today!

11. Socure 5

Socure is an identity fraud detection software company whose Social Biometrics solution detects fraudulent users on your website and mobile application by using advanced machine learning algorithms.  By combining a patent-pending artificial intelligence system, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and social behavior pattern analysis, Socure can detect if an ID is authentic, fraudulent, or a bot.  Their solutions are reducing fraud rates, increasing acceptance rates, and lowering compliance costs for enterprises around the world.


12. Moov 4

Moov, a wearable A.I. coach is helping people achieve their fitness goals.  It’s more than just a tracker, in fact, it will talk to you in real-time in order to help prevent you from injury or instruct you how to land softer.  It challenges you to be the best you can be when you’re struggling and it will cheer you on when you’re doing great.  From the pool to the bike to the weight room and more, Moov is with you every step of the way. 


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