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Wowed Wednesday

Web/IT/Data solutions and consultancies have suddenly emerged as front running business of the 21st century. With every big and small company going global with the help of the Internet, the scope of web related services required by such companies is limitless. Every day, a new IT consultancy is on the horizon with a unique prospect and work strategy. Here is a list, of 10 such fresh IT related companies with lots of promise.

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1. PublishThis 17

PublishThis is the industry's leading real-time curation platform for Enterprise Publishers and Content Marketers. Trusted by dozens of top publishers like MultiView, Boston Globe, Cox Media, Haymarket Media and brands such as SAP, Nutrisystem and Fandango, PublishThis combines the content industry's most advanced semantic search technology with easy-to-use curation tools to help clients increase audience engagement, expand thought leadership, improve editorial productivity and innovate their digital offerings through real-time content.


2. 2rbConsulting 0

2rbConsulting, Inc. is a woman-owned nationally recognized provider of Information Technology solutions and consulting services. The company's headquarters are in Seattle, with key regional offices in Boston and Washington, D.C. 2rbConsulting supports both technical and functional areas of Information Technology Staffing and Consulting. They deliver complete, integrated technical resource solutions for all areas of Information Technology, including Software Development, Software Testing, Business Intelligence and Big Data / Data Warehousing Solutions. Companies rely on their ability for analyzing and gathering the business intelligence and data warehousing requirements. They provide a dimensional model for data warehouse, with Data Mart and Enterprise Data Warehouse design. With comprehensive data migration strategies, implementation techniques as well as data quality testing they are able to build effective Data warehousing systems.


3. Via 121 0

Via 121 helps restaurants, hotels, and retailers grow and sustain their businesses with data-driven one-to-one marketing. Their patent-pending digital marketing services work together and are private-labeled for each client. Via 121 services include the best loyalty rewards programs, digital and printable gift cards and coupons, customer feedback and reviews, smart automated promotions by text, email and mobile app, and the most flexible online ordering service on the market. Via 121 has clients across the U.S. and SE Asia.


4. Big Frame 0

Big Frame is a leading media company in the YouTube entertainment space. They're building sustainable media brands around YouTube’s most influential channels, and connecting advertisers with their highly engaged audiences. YouTube’s best channels partner with Big Frame to build professional careers by growing their audiences and unlocking lucrative partnerships with advertisers.  Big Frame helps the best content find the right audiences.  


5. ChoozOn 0

ChoozOn does business as Blue Kangaroo. It is a search engine for offers, scouring the entire deal universe for the best offers matching the individual interests of its users. Through Web and mobile applications built on big data solutions, Blue Kangaroo seeks to get its users the right offer at the right time. The company’s unique approach to establishing new and deeper relationships between brands and consumers creates new business opportunities for advertisers and rewarding experiences for consumers.


6. InVenture 0

InVenture is a mobile technology company that provides credit scoring and accounting tools to the 4 billion people across the globe currently lacking a formal financial identity. Their mission is to facilitate financial access in emerging markets. Their consumer product is InSight, available via voice, SMS, web or Android is a money management application. Through InSight, they gather real-time PPI data on users on a continuous basis. InSight is built on their InVision big-data platform which provides credit reports and risk analysis tools to lenders, mobile network operators, and stores to help individuals qualify for and find access to affordable financial products tailored to their needs.


7. MegaMeeting.com 0

MegaMeeting.com is a leading provider of 100% browser-based Video & Web Conferencing solutions. Being browser based and working on all major operating systems – Windows, Mac & Linux, MegaMeeting.com provides all parties the ability to hold web meetings, without the need to download, install or configure video or web conferencing software. MegaMeeting.com web conferencing products and services include powerful collaboration tools that provide for robust webinar services, including advanced features such as desktop/application sharing and PowerPoint presentations. MegaMeeting is ideal for multi-point sales meetings, virtual classrooms, employee trainings, product demonstrations, company orientation and remote control desktop support.


8. 2bridges 0

2bridges is a Puget Sound technology company and a leading provider of IT solutions. They provide a wide range of IT services including telephone systems, network security solutions, small business platforms, network maintenance, computer repair, and consulting. They enable small businesses to function without being sidelined by the difficulties of IT. 2bridges has an experienced team with more than 50 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Their experience includes work with doctors clinics, attorneys offices, and other professionals.


9. SCTR 0

SCTR has been creating innovative ecommerce solutions since 2010. Their management team brings together decades of technology thought leadership and a serious track record of global sales growth. They create advanced online sales, advertising, and management solutions that increase revenue and profitability. SCTR is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and maintains satellite offices throughout Europe and North America.


10. ReachONE Internet 0

ReachONE Internet is a full service Internet provider strategically located in Western Washington. Reliability, security and premium service are the cornerstones of their success as a local ISP. They supply homes and businesses with high speed Internet Access, MPLS networks, web hosting and colocation. Headquartered in Lacey, Washington ReachONE Internet specialized in connection multiple geographically diverse locations together over their BlueWire MPLS Network. In addition they offer server management, web hosting and domain name registration.


Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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