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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom



Advice is one thing in life that people should definitely take advantage of. Whether it be from a co-worker, family member, or dear friend, it is important to listen and take into account what other people have to say. Not only should you take into considersation advice from others, but to pass on your own wisdom as well. We all have had valuable experiences and moments in our lives that we should share with others. There is always some person out there that will have a piece of advice that can be very beneficial to your business or personal life. The eleven companies listed below all gave a powerful piece of advice that can help your business prosper in the world today.

1. Empatico 22


Empatico explains workplace conflict at a behavioral level and provides the tools to proactively build compatibility, productivity, and performance from an interactive real-time dashboard. Empatico’s platform is built on thirty years of psychometric data. They have built-in workflow that enables you to rapidly build teams assess compatibility, and make strategic changes. Empatico Co-Founder Anne Dixon shared this: “Don’t be afraid to hire brilliant people who challenge you in many areas. When entrepreneurs are getting started, the focus should be getting enough money to get profitable, not getting investors’ money in.”

2. DevDraft 11


Founded by a hiring manager who had difficulty finding skilled developers, DevDraft was launched to solve the talent search problem in the software industry. DevDraft attracts software developers to participate in programming challenges, and based on their code submissions, generates unique insights called "metrics" about them that help companies connect with the best developers. DevDraft's mission is to scout the earth for talent and bring it to the surface. What matters is raw talent, not resumes or other fluff.

3. Insightfully 5


Insightfully is an Saas application, software-as-a-service application, that is focused around taking digital connections and making them personal. They are a very powerful solution that allows you to tap into the ninety-nine percent of your network that you benefit from the most. Co-Founder of Insightfully, Chirag Kulkarni said, “Make sure you’re hiring the people about solving problems, not just making money. Be careful about who you share information with and never compromise when choosing your lawyer, doctor, and your accountant.”

4. ActOnMagic 4


ActOnMagic was founded in 2014 in order to help clients make the right decision based on proprietary predictive models. They are head-quartered in Bangalore, India and are a part of ActOnMagic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They help services providers and enterprises make intelligent decisions on their cloud to maximize revenue by providing 360 degree view of their resources. They believe in predicting both the where and the how when it comes to guiding enterprises to reach their goal while guaranteeing them peace of mind.

5. Cupenya 4


Every company needs to see and process data in order to help their business grow. Cupenya helps organizations do so. They understand that every company is run by a series of well thought out steps, so they bring the intelligence necessary for a better performance. Cupenya is the next generation of process analytics that empowers all decision makers to achieve more from your operational data. When it came to offering up advice to other companies, Co-Founder Elmar Weber said, “We tried outsourcing sales in the beginning, and that was a costly mistake. You should focus on doing your own sales until you learn your market really well. Do your own sales, then scale.”

6. ScriptBook 4


ScriptBook is a Belgium-based technology group spearheading the effort to develop premium decision support for film studios, investors, and distributors. They combine state-of-the-art technology with screenwriting domain knowledge to determine a screenplay’s box office potential. They offer a platform that helps forecast financial predictions based off a film’s script, which allows production companies to get great insight into the viability of a film. Some advice from Co-Founder Nadira Azermai is “one of the things you need to know as a new entrepreneur, you need to get access to mentors and advisors who know what they’re doing.”

7. Luna Lights 4

Luna Lights

Luna Lights offers a preventative and predictive solution for nighttime fall safety that is available nowhere else. Their unique bed pad, lights, and monitoring system reduces fall risk while allowing family members or caretakers to be more connected with those they care for. Luna Lights is a multi faceted product that especially helps reduce the risk of nighttime falls for the elderly. They created the product based off of personal experiences with grandparents experiencing detrimental falls. Luna Lights also has built in analytics and the ability to message caregivers if the individual stays out of bed for an extended period of time.

8. Statwing 4


With Statwing, users get more insight quicker from the data you provide or collect for them. It is an easy to use data analysis packaged to facilitate ease of use. Statwing was built by and for analysts, so customers can clean data, explore relationships, and create charts in minutes instead of hours. They believe that there is no faster or more delightful way to work with data, even if you’re already an expert with spreadsheets. Co-Founder Greg Laughlin suggests considering just how much work it will take to get to a minimally viable product; if you pick something that’s very challenging then you need to assess your ability to raise venture capital pre-product, which typically requires a significant track record.

9. GemShelf 3


GemShelf is a Cloud based next generation knowledge management platform which allows groups of people and organizations to capture, organize, store, and distribute information in real time within one user friendly space. They share what they have learned with one another or to a group through their platform. They also share how to manage all of the things they have learned and what the impact of foregoing some tasks is as well. When key information is lost, GemShelf understands that peoples’ lives could be at stake. It impacts a business’ bottom line, the ability to govern, and so on. Anyone who wants to manage a growing amount of information on a daily basis should use GemShelf.

10. Bring Share 3

Bring Share

Created for agencies BringShare simplifies reporting and increases actionable communication with clients. They are a solution that experts use to make complicated data and metrics easily digestible and viewable for clients. BringShare also helps easily manage reports for multiple websites or clients. They believe that BringShare is the simplest way to track all of a client’s marketing efforts. BringShare Co-Founder Justin Smith advises to “keep your fixed costs down as much as you can and keep your organization as lean as you can especially when first getting started.”

11. Meritas Partners 2

Meritas Partners

Founded in 2009 by Miriam Javitch and Dick Massimilian, Meritas Partners was formed to provide advice and counsel to senor leaders and their teams. They are an executive level leadership, which, according to Miriam Javitch, “Great leadership is no accident.” Meritas Partners primary aim is to buikld strong leadership in organizations and to help their leaders achieve their highest potential. A bit of advice they have to fellow entrepreneurs is to remember that “The quality of the client relationship is the most important think you need to tend to. You don’t follow the money, you follow the relationship, and that’s when things can really take off.”

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