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Why the Startup Life is the

Why the Startup Life is the



Not everyone is sure about the startup life. Paul Graham, for instance, shared what startups are “really” like back in 2009, and Clarity feels that the startup life is much better outside the Silicon Valley than in. The startup life can be awesome, however, as many entrepreneurs have shown. Here is a list of some things which make the startup life the bomb.

You Take Control of Your Destiny

For the everyday employee, destiny may begin to feel like this huge mountain standing over them, controlling every aspect of their lives. You wake up, you go to work, you go home, you sleep, and you do it all over again. It can feel as though you have no control over your own life...your destiny. The startup life is just the opposite. Since many entrepreneurs are type 'A' personalities, the desire to control their lives is powerful. The startup life gives you the opportunity to be in the driver's seat, instead of catching that ride to work in the daily grind.

You Can Set Your Own Salary

Within reason, of course, but in many cases, when you are in the startup life, how much you can earn is up to you. Owning a business has the potential to be much more lucrative than simply being employed by one. While an employee can only expect to rise so high in any company, the potential for the future in the startup life is unlimited. Some of the most wealthy people in the world started off in small business. Look at Steve Jobs of Apple...he started off in his mother's basement, and S. Truett Cathy of Chik-fil-A, who started off in a diner in Atlanta, Ga.

Choose Who You Work With

When working as an employee in another person's company, you rarely have any choice in who you have to work with every day. If you absolutely cannot stand someone whom you work with on a daily basis, you may find yourself choosing between a miserable life, and a lower-paying job. When you run your own business, you can choose who you work with, who you hire, and who you associate with on a daily basis. Although there will be times that you may have to do business with people who you are not crazy about, it won't be an “in your face everyday” kind of thing. You can choose to work with those who you like, and more importantly, who you trust.

Live With a Sense of Pride

When you live in the startup life, you have a sense of pride in every accomplishment. Every small goal that you set for yourself and your company is a victory when it is met. Although everyone should take pride in their work, whether it is for their own company or another, there is a certain satisfaction when you know you did it yourself, for your own company. When a person gets to reap the benefits of their own “elbow grease,” they tend to be better satisfied in life, and work harder at reaching new goals.

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