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Why the First Impression is Everything

Why the First Impression is Everything



As a businessman or businesswoman, you want to act appropriately in each and every situation. Dressing appropriately, having a firm handshake and maintaining eye contact are just three examples that will make it known that you are serious and ready to do business. According to Forbes, “In business, it really is true that you never (or seldom) get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Not only do these actions give off a great impression, maintaining them will make you look sophisticated, and in turn, will make you feel more confident. With that being said, here are ways to make sure you make the best possible first impression, every single time.

1. Personalized Solutions 42

Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions is an elite concierge service provider that serves the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on our intimate approach and specialization of services offered for each client. Our goal is to provide clients with a variety of the highest quality services possible. We want to help you lead a stylish and organized life, so you can spend time enjoying it.


“Website, business card and yourself is the first impression and you must be authentic. You need a strong website at the earliest stage of business, if you can’t afford it, find a way!” - Jessica Leila Adnani, Founder

2. Langua Travel 4

Langua Travel

Langua Travel is an online marketplace for language immersion courses around the world. We offer programs for individuals, groups, professionals and families. Our typical customers are working adults and retirees between the ages of 25 and 75. We work with singles, couples, groups, families and companies. We also frequently see college and university students who don’t have the time or money for a semester abroad, but would still like to see the world and learn another language.


“We try to get back to people within the hour regardless of when or how they reach out to us. This quick attention builds trust and value to our potential customers and provides a great first impression.” - Chris Hoyt, Co-Founder

3. Omni m2m 4

Omni m2m

Omni m2m is improving business profits, reliability, and competitiveness with m2m products beyond fleet tracking. Using a network of easy to install sensors, Omni connects businesses equipment to the cloud to enable condition monitoring and reporting from anywhere in the world. With sensors for temperature, humidity, location, liquid level, light, motion, and more, Omni is helping businesses of all types monitor conditions and make more effective decisions from anywhere; making businesses more profitable and competitive. Omni m2m's core products are focused in three unique areas, environmental, tank, and rodent control monitoring.

“I believe transparency is the key to a positive first impression. We focus on the solution and making sure our clients know that when working with innovative technology there will be issues, but that as a startup we work very quickly to resolve them.” - Ajay Sikka, CEO

4. Kovida 2


Kovida is a technology advisory, implementation, and development firm that empowers organizations with comprehensive cloud-based solutions. As a Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner, we provide a variety of services for our clients. Whether it is marketing outreach, data warehousing, or systems integration, we have the experience and expertise to speak to your unique needs. Our industry specific solutions can help you get started quickly and at a low cost. For more bespoke solutions we also provide custom development and mobile application services.


“Engage, ask questions and most of all, listen, that is how you make a successful first impression.” - Rob Cohan, Founder & Director of Operations

5. Bluelabs 1


BlueLabs is an analytics, data, and technology company formed by senior members of the Obama for America analytics team. Using innovations in big data technology and individual-level modeling, we empower organizations to contact the right voters, solicit the best donors, and target services to the citizens and beneficiaries who need them most.


"We approach any initial interaction with a potential client as a brainstorming session instead of a hard sell of our products or services. We like to listen and understand exactly what organizations are doing and how their programs are set up before we get into the technical details about how we can help them use data and analytics to make better decisions." - Dan Porter, Co-Founder

6. MobilePaks 1


MobilePaks creates sales enablement tools that fundamentally change how people develop, access and share knowledge in business today. As business cycles lengthen and B2B transactions become more complex, salespeople need more help articulating the true value their products provide, while marketers need usage insights and actionable data more than ever before. All of us at MobilePaks are passionate about improving performance, and the science of learning and knowledge retention drives our philosophy and goals.


“When speaking to a salesperson, are they really interested in helping me solve a problem, or selling their product? This is the key aspect of my first impressions.” - Candy Tan, Marketing Coordinator

7. Jopwell 1


Founded in 2014 by former Goldman Sachs employees Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams, Jopwell is a tech-enabled minority recruiting platform that provides a searchable pool of under-represented minority candidates seeking employment. Numerous studies have shown that increasing diversity has a positive effect on a corporation’s performance and bottom line. Through the use of technology, Jopwell’s ultimate goal is to be the tool that transforms how companies view both the importance of and the process for accomplishing minority representation.


“A first impressions is the “first sales meeting.” You must be confident, have your pitch ready and know your story--being agile and ready to make a friend helps a great deal as well.” - Porter Braswell, Co-Founder & CEO

8. Vital Strategies 1

Vital Strategies

We are an advisory, management consulting, coaching, and keynote speaking firm specializing in helping businesses, financial institutions, leadership teams, and executives improve performance and achieve their goals.  Capitalizing on decades of business and military leadership experience, we blend the best thinking and processes from these worlds to facilitate strategies vital to your success. We have specific expertise in the oil and gas sector, and in manufacturing.


“Approach every encounter and relationship with the goal of providing value and giving back first.” - Baron Lukas, President

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