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Why Mobile is the Key to Multi-Channel Marketing

Why Mobile is the Key to Multi-Channel Marketing



When marketers were asked to prioritize one capability that will be the most important to the marketing future, personalization topped marketers' lists, according to the recent Adobe study, Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves. The study highlights tissues facing marketers in a time when 64% expect their role will change in the next year and 81% anticipate it will change in the next three years. 

What did former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt mean when he stated, “Put your best people on mobile”? He imperative for today's enterprise is to be connected, but even more so for today’s consumer to be always connected to business.  That is the real imperative! 

Schmidt further explained that people are always on the move, and that “every company has people who are in motion, they're moving forward…if that's where all the real action's going to be, then make sure that you know what's going on with all those mobile device”.



study by Google found that consumers had 74% brand recall when a brand advertised across mobile, TV, and online media. Even when people are at a single location – at the Super Bowl, during a television show, or at a live concert – they will still be accessing their mobile devices. 

It is a challenge to know where to meet customers and even potential customers in the multi-channel marketing environment. Mashable report showed that over 72% of consumers want businesses to market to them with a multi-channel approach.  Today’s companies are struggling to give consumers personal and seamless messaging experiences across all of the marketing channels in spite of customer demand. 

The real value of mobile – as an on-the-go medium – is for businesses to engage their audience at retail stores, at home, at a sporting event, and virtually anywhere! 


How does mobile fit into your marketing strategy? 

Why is it so critical to have a single view of the customer across multiple touch points? Because today’s customers will interact with your brand in many ways that involve more than one channel. Also, it is critical that your business understands how these customers behave across all marketing channels – at each and every touch point, and what the customer’s value is to your business. 

The key here is value exchange; that any contact through mobile cannot be weighted in your companies’ favor. It must provide personal and unique benefits to the consumer. 

To fully engage your audience on mobile devices, you must use the platform to its full potential, and your marketing team must be creative and imagine all of the possible engagement possibilities. 


How companies use mobile to stand out from the competition



While a quality customer experience is important, consistency of that experience is equally important. Today's consumers want their experience with your brand to provide a feature rich experience on a mobile device, just as they would find on the web. It is critical for your company to provide a great customer experience, which can be your most powerful competitive differentiator. 


Some examples of successful multi-channel integration: 

Retail and ecommerce businesses are connecting customers at point-of-sale:

By sending them promotional offers, coupons, or contests while in-store through SMS, or mobile web apps. Provide consumers value through their smartphone to occupy their time while in line, creating value for both the business – and most importantly – the customer. 

Unique communications:

Leveraging mobile vanity URLs, dedicated campaign call center numbers, SMS and mobile web apps, with your companies’ broadcast mediaadd tracking and measurement to radio, TV or outdoor media. 


Companies are delivering promotions to consumers in real- time, without using mass-mailers, and other random and ‘blanket’ promotional approaches. Small businesses to the enterprise are leveraginggeo-promotions to grow in-store business – driving foot traffic and top-line revenue growth. 

Track your results:

Using specific keywords by campaign and campaign specific mobile URLs to measure effectiveness and build a database through traditional media. 

All of these activities will empower your business to build a sustainable database of consumers and evangelists, but to be effective; they need to be connected to your other channels as well. Remember to measure how engaged your customers are across all of your marketing channels to continually audit performance and ROI. 

Meeting your customers where they are 

With mobile at the forefront of many companies' multi-channel efforts, businesses have the potential to find the Holy Grail of marketing – to reach customers with the right offer, at the right place, and at the right time. Not only will your organization see sales growth, but reduced costs while elevating the effectiveness and performance of your marketing campaigns. 

Your enterprise has the opportunity to provide consumer participating in marketing promotions where ever they – and mobile now provides your marketing team the ability to engage and convert your audience – right where they are!

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