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Why Going Green is Good For a Startup

Why Going Green is Good For a Startup



Keeping the environment in mind has become increasingly expected as time passes. As more people became aware of they can do to make a difference, businesses began to adopt new measures and make changes as well, which has collectively made a large difference. The perks of going green, though, isn’t just that it’s responsible, but that it can help out businesses, especially startups. When a company is new and growing, they need to do anything possible to stay afloat and step forward, and going green is a great way to do so. Here’s how.

1. Saves Money

One of the primary incentives for going green is how much money it saves. Over time, the small amount of money saved gradually adds up, generally to a number that shocks most people. For being fairly cheap and easy to implement, green technology pays itself off rather quickly, turning it into a no-brainer for startups. New companies want to save money at every turn, and going green reduces overall overhead costs, making is a sensible and financially beneficial option for everyone. When you’re new enough that every single dollar needs to be accounted for, risking preventable financial trouble is simply irresponsible.

2. Draws In A Crowd

People nowadays want more from companies than just a product or a service. Instead, they want values and stories; they want businesses to stand for something. Going green is one such way to stand for something, and people take notice. In general, customers are more likely to work with a company that is environmentally conscious, and startups owe it to themselves to take advantage of this. When each individual customer makes a genuine difference, startups want to do everything they can to grow their customer base, and going green is one easy way to do so. It’s a catchy mindset that people can easily latch onto, and that includes employees.

3. Pushes Innovation

Entrepreneurship is characterized by innovation, which makes it go hand-in-hand with green efforts. By nature, environmentally friendly standards are rooted in innovation, and they have resulted in multiple industries pushing forward and finding creative solutions to major problems. The technology behind green efforts is incredibly creative and it has provided new avenues for entrepreneurial minds to solve problems while thinking outside of the box. Companies like Urjanet innovate by providing energy data that allows clients to effectively change energy consumption standards. "As a company focused on providing data that helps organizations across the world meet their energy and sustainability goals, we have a competitive advantage when recruiting top talent," says Gary Brooks, Marketing Manager at Urjanet. They pinpoint exactly what needs to be fixed and how to fix it, guiding countless clients to a greener - and more profitable - future.

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