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When it is Dark, Use Your Headlights: The Importance of Having Good Teammates

When it is Dark, Use Your Headlights: The Importance of Having Good Teammates



As a startup, you are going to face adversity, cope with failure, and at times, see no light at the end of the tunnel. When that time comes around, remind yourself that you built your startup with a TEAM. You and your team have already made it this far. As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with challenges time and time again. When it is dark, turn to your fellow teammates and flip on the light switch in order to help guide one another towards success. Here are several companies that used their headlights when they needed them most:

1. Royal Solutions Group 127

Royal Solutions Group

Royal Solutions Group was formed in 2008 and is a premiere provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to the Healthcare industry. Headquartered in New York, NY we serve a broad range of clients across North America. Royal's leadership team is comprised of both technology and business backgrounds with deep industry expertise in Healthcare, Data Security, Financial Services, and Information Technology. Royal offers a solution centric approach to integrating technology within your organization, enabling meaningful use, and optimizing business processes. Solutions include: Royal Forms for rapid transition to electronic forms, Royal Kiosks for patient registration, CCR, and Education, and Report Guard® for delivering custom information integration services. All solutions are delivered to our clients from our state of the art datacenters as cloud hosted systems.Royal's solutions are stitched together through the Royal Health Exchange (RHE) and Report Guard® for secure connectivity to the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. The RHE seamlessly and securely integrates Imaging Centers, Hospitals, Physicians and Patients through a low cost and low maintenance cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


“Constant, honest and fluid communications with team members is essential when implementing complicated software solutions for our clients. We quickly work through any hiccups that arise through effective communication with all team members and constituents of the projects. The benefit of this is seeing opportunities for additional improvement down the road.” - Kate Mulqueen, Business Development & Sales Manager

2. Reimagine 8


Audiences are rapidly shifting to mobile over web based platforms. So, every company will soon need to be a mobile tech company. Whether you’re a funded startup or an established company, you need a mobile first strategy and plan. It may include app development or simply ensuring that your site functions properly across all mobile phones. Reimagine will help you develop a strategy, design the best experience for your audience, and build out the technology for responsive web, iPhone, and android platforms.


“When the going gets tough, you need to have great people around. To be able to rely on a dedicated team who will focus on the project, put all of your energy into building a great culture.” - Ken Manning, Managing Partner + Lead Experience Strategist

3. Information Governance Initiative 8

Information Governance Initiative

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance practices and technologies through research, publishing, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking. The IGI publishes research, benchmarking surveys, and guidance for practitioners that is freely available on its website. Join the IGI Community, a place for practitioners from all facets of IG to come together and learn from each other. The IGI was founded by recognized leaders in the field of Information Governance, and is supported by leading providers of Information Governance products and services.


“I look for people who can work autonomously and share our vision. People need to be honest with themselves about about who they are and their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately I look for those with complementary strengths to build a successful team.” - Barclay Blair, Founder & Executive Director 

4. DocHuddle 7


At DocHuddle, we believe augmented reality is the ultimate technological solution to communication problems in healthcare. Imagine doctors instantaneously connecting with other doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers using Google Glass and gesture control devices like the MYO armband. Real-time consultation would become a reality. A surgeon could contact another physician straight from the operating room without breaking sterility. Emergency room physicians could address life-threatening conditions faster and easier, never having to leave their patient’s side. Need to know which radiology study to order? No problem. Intuitive integration of decision support systems like the American College of Radiology’s Appropriateness Criteria® would be as easy as stating the problem. Sound like science fiction? Not anymore. Our software solutions are around the corner. Dream with us and see our vision through your doctor’s eyes.


“Our technology is precisely about turning the headlights on and always having the right team and information at the most critical of life’s times.” -  Dr. Avez Rizvi, CEO & Co-Founder

5. Sound Sink 6

Sound Sink

SoundSink is an online marketplace for music synchronization and master recording licensing. SoundSink changes the licensing game by allowing musicians to market and promote the licensing of their music without giving up their rights, all while making it easier than ever before for anyone to find music to license. SoundSink's mission is to give musicians tools to build their business and to give those looking to license music a simple, streamlined way of searching, organizing, and purchasing music licenses. SoundSink was initially designed to connect indie musicians with indie filmmakers: artist to artist. Though SoundSink now makes many more types of connections, they all serve a common theme: to allow musicians to make a living making music and to allow anyone, from the youtube vlogger and indie filmmaker to the big ad agencies or high level music supervisor, to license music easily and quickly.


“For a startup to grow, you need to have very reliable teammates who can be trusted. Only then will founder's be able to take the leap of faith and delegate critical tasks to their team.” - Dani Collins, Co-Founder

6. Bubble 5


The consumer Internet industry started over 20 years ago, but application creation is still inaccessible to people without technical training. Our goal is to change this. We want to bridge the gap between applications -- which everyone can use -- and the tools that build them -- which are challenging and obscure. We want to empower people to be creators of technology, instead of consumers. Too many projects don't happen because of a shortage of engineering talent. The Internet should be an open space that everyone can participate in. That’s the mission that gets us up every morning.


“We actually rely on our users for support, they are our marketing team, beta testers and idea generators. This information is much more valuable than any advisor or investor could provide.” - Emmanuel Straschnov, Co-Founder

7. Style Sage 5

Style Sage

StyleSage is a strategic analytics web platform that helps fashion retailers and brands with critical in-and-next season decisions in local and global markets. Our platform, often hailed as "the Bloomberg for fashion", analyzes over 1000 retailers, 53,000 brands, and 64M products across 100+ countries. We deconstruct their pricing, assortment, and promotions strategies as well as identify trending styles. For brands, we analyze competitors to help them adjust next season's strategy, identify opportunities in new retail channel partners, and monitor what is happening with their own merchandise across channels. For retailers, real-time alerts on competitor sales and promotion activities help them react swiftly to capture shoppers as well as identify overstock inventory that needs to be unloaded. Built by both creatives and analytical geeks, the StyleSage platform is a true convergence of fashion and data.

“It is the first 10-15 people that really define your culture. We take an exhaustive approach to interviewing and getting to know each employee personally to make sure they are the people we want to spend significant time with.” - Jade Huang, Founder & CEO

8. Couplewise 5


Couplewise is a blending of best practices in cognitive behavior therapy, best research on the predictors of long lasting happy marriages, and current technology practices. The combination of these provides a robust diagnostic and action oriented therapeutic tool that is both, easy to use and flexible for a variety personal and professional relationship needs. It facilitates the on-going work of therapists and couples by reinforcing positive behaviors and real-time, actionable guidance. Its list of testimonials includes three of the top experts in the field.

“To deliver our remarkable product, we are focused on contained growth so that we get the best players for our tech and marketing teams.”  - Mark Bradlee, CEO

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