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What The Walls Of Your Office Say About Your Business

What The Walls Of Your Office Say About Your Business



Unless your employees work from home, your office is essentially the "Mecca” of your business. With that being said, creating a positive tone in your office is crucial. Your office should be a place in which all employees and clients are able to be expressive, open and display their drive towards success. Remember, the four walls of your office do not only physically hold it up, but also define what your business is all about. Here is how your office speaks volume of your business:

1. Elementum 137


Elementum seeks to make supply chain ridiculously simple. With a unique blend of cloud, mobile, and supply chain expertise, they aim to free companies from the clutter and frustration of traditional enterprise software. And, by having a close partnership with one of the biggest supply chains in the world, they are accelerating growth exponentially.


“As we aim to build transparency in supply chain for our customers, we built a transparent office to reflect that. There are no real walls, glass is the only thing that encloses conference rooms and offices.“ - Rob Cheng, Head of Growth

2. Nexmo 15


Nexmo provides innovative communication APIs that bridge traditional voice and text services with cloud communications. They enable applications and enterprises to make phone calls or send and receive text messages with ease to improve user experiences, no matter where in the world customers are located. High-volume communication companies such as Alibaba, Airbnb, Line and Viber send millions of messages per month using Nexmo APIs.


“The phase of the startup, or business, is really what should be the driving force behind the physical work environment. During the startup phase, hire contractors, rent office space and be prepared to fail fast. When you have a proven business that has grown, invest in local teams, legal entities and build a strong foundation wherever your employees must be located.” - Tony Jamous, CEO & Co-Founder

3. People Science 4

People Science

People Science was founded as the one and only solution for the toughest hiring challenges. With quick success, their passion for driving dramatic business results became the driving force behind their dedication. Today it is a clear differentiator for them in the RPO world. People Science’s staff is a combination of highly skilled and accomplished recruiters and talented natural processing experts. All are accomplished “thinkers and doers.” The team's talents give them the creative edge and ideas that have led to many success stories. In the end, recruiting is about people. 

“The walls are talking and there is a major power shift going on in the business world from top down, to bottom up. With increased transparency, and sites like Glassdoor, everybody is kept on their best behavior and walking the walk.“ - Christine Nichlos, CEO & Founder

4. Exadel 3


Exadel is a global software application development company providing innovative technology solutions to its clients. Exadel’s technology leaders partner with customers to deliver high-quality products – quickly and cost-effectively. They collaborate with clients on a strategic level, providing on-demand access to global innovation development teams. Exadel leverages open source technologies to reduce application lifecycle costs and improve overall productivity to gain competitive advantage for its customers. Clients include AT&T, Samsung, Sprint, Avaya, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Bank of America, eBay, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Sears, RBS, Kaplan, eBay, CNET.com, Hewlett Packard, Tufts, University of California, GE, and UBS. Exadel is well-known as the creator of the premier development tools, Exadel Studio Pro (now JBoss Developer Studio) and RichFaces (now JBoss RichFaces, one of the most widely used JSF component libraries). Exadel launched Appery.io, now a complete cloud-based platform with integrated backend services and a rich catalog of plug-ins that make it easy to integrate with cloud services (including enterprise systems such as Salesforce.com).


“We provide a positive work environment and fill our team with extremely talented and open minded people--with this mindset, we have seen great success within our challenging business.“ - Fima Katz, Founder, President, and CEO

5. Access Sciences 3

Access Sciences

Access Sciences Corporation provides information consulting, management, and deployment services for capturing and managing information assets to organizations in the United States. The company offers enterprise content and records management business consulting, legal business consulting, enterprise architecture and integration consulting, and enterprise content and records management technology consulting services. It also provides outsourcing services, including records management, file room operating, document control and management, scanning operations oversight, and library services, as well as an email management certificate course.



“Let your business model dictate your needs for the physical work environment. Given our work with Fortune 100 companies, it is essential that we have a welcoming office space, however, we have employees who have been working at client sites for years without visiting our headquarters.“ - Anne G. Tülek, President and CEO

6. Deacom 1


Deacom produces a complete ERP software solution for process manufacturing companies with difficult-to-handle requirements. DEACOM ERP software is built specifically for companies who manufacture adhesives, sealants, chemicals, lubricants, cosmetics, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, paints and coatings. DEACOM exists to provide a single, scalable solution that seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation. By making complex issues simple, Deacom helps streamline manufacturing business process to maximize productivity and profitability.


“I have an office and an attached conference room which provides me with 3 unique environments in which to work. My desk area with chairs for most scenarios, a sofa for more laid back conversations and the conference room for meetings and as a collaborative workspace.” - Jay Deakins, President

7. Advocates for Human Potential 1

Advocates for Human Potential

Founded in 1980, Advocates for Human Potential has built an impressive record of success in leading activities, developing products, and providing services for a broad range of Federal, state, local, and community-based agencies. AHP excels in research and evaluation; technical assistance and training; system and program development, including strategic planning and information management; and resource development and dissemination. Their staff of experts focus on areas critical to addressing the behavioral health needs of vulnerable populations: mental health policy and services, substance abuse treatment and prevention, co-occurring disorders, workforce development, electronic medical records, homelessness, housing, employment program development, trauma, domestic violence, and criminal justice. AHP specializes in changing or improving organizational systems to enable people with disabilities and behavioral health challenges achieve full community integration.


“Stick to your core values: laugh together, cry together and don’t be afraid of you, or your staff, making mistakes--we never want a deer-in-the-headlights in our shop.“ - Neal Shifman, President & CEO

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