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Community Blog / What Can the Grammys Teach Us?

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So...I'm watching the Grammys last night and like most people, I'm in awe of how talented all of the artists are. How cool was it to see Sting jump in with Bruno Mars and the Marley boyz? Or Jay-Z with Justin Timberlake? It was very cool, but for me, it wasn't the sheer "coolness" of these mega stars collaborating on a one-time deal that was so interesting. No, it wasn't the fact that I could go download the tracks I enjoyed the most, either.  What was most interesting to me was their willingness and enthusiasm to work together.

We hear that artists are "prima donnas". We hear that they're difficult to work with. Is this true? In some cases, maybe, but not all of them. The acts we saw perform together last night weren't just thrown together at the last minute. Those numbers require precision AND a willingness to work with others. They have undoubtedly been practicing together for weeks, if not months.

So why is it that entrepreneurs don't have the same openness? Are entrepreneurs "prima donnas"? Are they difficult to work with? Well, yes...for the gross majority of us.

It seems counter-intuitive because we are all looking for an opportunity, a need to meet, an opening to fill, a problem to solve. Why don't we collaborate more with our competition or contemporaries when the opportunity arises? What's the reason we don't get together with these people to make compelling, sweet music?

I don't really have an answer. The title of this post is "What Can the Grammys Teach Us?" and I know what it taught me. It taught me to be more open when competitors or contemporaries come calling for partnership opportunities. It taught me that the spotlight is big enough to shine on multiple companies at once. It also taught me bringing together people with extraordinary talent to work toward a common goal can produce quite a powerful result. 


Posted by Dale Turken
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