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Wednesday Innovation

Wednesday Innovation



It's the era of innovation as companies are incorporating the best available technology  in service, to edge out their competitors. Many new types of businesses have flourished in the market, embedded with fresh ideas and ways of providing something unique. We present you a short list of such prodigy companies, which have integrated state of the art innovation and technology, in their products and services.

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1. Cliintel 1026


Cliintel turns big data into actionable information by improving operations and customer experiences. INSIGHT, their process engineering methodology, allows their dedicated consultants to implement incremental improvements that get dramatic results. Their mission is to put people first, by granting access to Business Intelligence that helps employees make better decisions changes the bottom line of any organization, and we think they’ve done just that. 


2. Bumblebee Wireless 248

Bumblebee Wireless

Bumblebee Wireless specializes in buying, selling, unlocking, and repairing cell phones, laptops and tablets. Bumblebee Wireless is the largest phone, laptop and tablet repair franchise in Coachella Valley. They specialize in screen replacement, water restoration and removing virus from laptops. They also provide various personal customization options for your iPhone, which includes - custom bezel selection, imprinting vinyl skins, custom cover design, etc. They have another upcoming innovative venture after it gets approved by the FAA - they would be using drones to pick up cell phones, repairing them and returning again, all in just a matter of 45 minutes.


3. Chargify 42


Chargify simplifies recurring billing for Web 2.0 and SaaS companies. You can build innovative web applications without worrying how to bill your customers. Whether you're a start up or an established business billing thousands of customers a month, Chargify works for you. Their real-time dashboard makes it easy to access customer insight, revenue, signups, and cancellations. With Chargify's business intelligence tools, you'll make informed decisions and focus on what's important - your company's growth.


4. Recruiterbox 28


Have you ever posted a job opening on multiple portals? Have you ever been bombarded with resumes coming in from every which way? Recruiterbox aims to solve this time consuming hassle by letting you receive resumes all in one place. Here, you can sign into your Recruiterbox account, create openings, and customize the application form. Then, applicants apply directly via the form, and get entered into the software. You can then sort and move them along quickly. Recruiterbox aims to take the anxiety out of this process by helping you get a repeatable process.


5. Fulkra 13


Fulkra specializes in high-end residential and commercial automation technology integration solutions and services. They do this work for a variety of clients throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Fulkra believes there's just nothing like the essence of light because it can capture your mood, enhance it, and recreate your environment. Fulkra also offers the latest state of the art technology for audio distribution, video distribution, lighting control, home and business automation and security. Recently, they redesigned the ceiling for the Oakley store on 5th Avenue.


6. Opportunity Network 7

Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network I a social network that is devoted to CEOs and founders. Their mission is to contribute to their members’ success by providing them with reputable and trustworthy partners worldwide. Opportunities are anonymously shared across the online platform and curated based on users’ preferences. Once a user is interested in an opportunity, the Opportunity Network’s centralized system bridges the connection with the interested counter party and their direct interaction can start.


7. Ossia 5


Ossia is challenging people’s imagination about what is possible with wireless power. Ossia’s flagship product, Cota, redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices as far away as 30 feet without line of site. Built on Ossia’s patented smart antenna technology, Cota automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world that is always on and always ready.

8. BrightWork 2


BrightWork is a SharePoint-based project management solution that includes a range of best practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting.  The collaborative templates and automated reporting enable project managers to increase project success and gives senior executives the high-level visibility they need to ensure customer satisfaction. With BrightWork, organizations can get started quickly with just the right amount of project management and gradually evolve it to where they need it to be. BrightWork is a long time Microsoft partner and BrightWork is the only project management application that has been released on every version of Microsoft SharePoint from 2001 to 2013. Founded by CEO Eamonn McGuinness in the year 1995, BrightWork has offices in the United States and Europe, with partners around the world helping organizations improve their project management success rate.


9. Learn About The Web 2

Learn About The Web

Learn About The Web is the most comprehensive source of Online Marketing education and training. They provide specialized training in three steps -  Foundation knowledge, tools widely used by current industry leaders and a platform that you can use to practice what you learn and start building your site. Their mission is to change lives by providing credible and effective education about the process of building an online business.


10. Lendvious 1


Lendvious provides the powerful tools and detailed information needed to make informed marketplace lending decisions. With Lendvious, Crowdnetic leverages its past success in equity crowd funding infrastructure to provide marketplace lending investors and borrowers with a positive and consistent experience across funding portals by providing greater transparency and sophisticated analysis tools. They have also developed tools for the entire spectrum of investors. Novice marketplace lending investors can use SnapInvest to automate their allocations to just the most conservative loans, while sophisticated investors can use our cash flow analyzer to test their own proprietary analytics on hypothetical portfolios to examine loss-adjusted cash flow projections.


Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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