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Web Design and Development is one hotshot field of IT sector. Thousands of web developers around the world are engaged in designing stylish and innovative websites for their clients. Many web development companies have started providing additional features like cloud services, maintenance on the go and live streaming, etc. to have an edge over their competitors. We compiled a list of 10 such upcoming ventures that have progressed swiftly in this sector, over the past few years.

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1. Influxis 1

Influxis provides an exclusive streaming platform for live and on-demand video and data. Their specialties include Web and social robotics, real-time communication, interactive UGC and live collaboration. With 12 years of industry-leading experience and robust global networks, they offer innovative streaming solutions to a wide spectrum of clients, including the world’s top brands, advertising agencies and entertainment companies.


2. Eximo 0

Eximo is a firm based in Boston, evolving the way software applications are developed. By seamlessly connecting designers, developers and business executives through their unique, collaborative, cloud-based platform, they are opening up more possibilities for companies to turn vision into reality. The Eximo Cloud Platform enables companies to build and manage enterprise applications in the cloud. Design, integrate and deploy mobile-ready web applications faster and deliver code that's 100% standards-based.


3. MediaPass 0

MediaPass is the easiest way to charge for recurring subscriptions to your content. Any blog, content site, or major publication can instantly enable premium subscriptions using MediaPass. The firm was created by experts in online subscription who recognized the need to create a service geared towards the growing world of bloggers and other online publishers who are frustrated with how little money they make from an advertising-based revenue model.


4. Needly, Inc. 0

Needly, Inc. provides web site production services based in Santa Monica, CA. The Company offers an online web site design and hosting services, allowing users to create web sites with customizable templates. It is a free service that makes it easy to follow feeds, collaborate in small groups, and build drag-and-drop, professional web sites worldwide.


5. Dream Warrior Group 0

Dream Warrior Group is a Los Angeles, California based software development company, providing software development, and social media for Medical, Travel, Retail, Service, Performing Arts and Automotive Industries. They provide their customers with a sustainable competitive advantage by offering cost-effective software solutions. Their collection of experts, and their extensive experience has made them the chosen destination for those who need to facilitate new and innovative means of communication on the web.


6. AVID Technical Resources 0

AVID (Applications, Voice, Internet, Data) Technical Resources is a leading Information Technology recruiting company. Specializing in placing contract and permanent personnel in both Infrastructure Support and Applications Development positions, AVID has a national presence supporting clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Headquartered in Boston, MA, AVID has achieved tremendous growth since the firm’s inception in 2003. This has triggered numerous national awards and recognition, such as being named to Inc. 500 Magazine’s list of 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately-held Companies in the US in 2010, 2011 and 2013.


7. eSupport.com 0

eSupport.com, Inc. is an industry leader in PC optimization and a trusted provider of PC maintenance software. For 25 years, eSupport.com has offered software products and services that enhance Windows and iOS user experience. Some of the most recognized names in the software utility market, include DriverAgent, UndeletePlus, iOptimizer and RegistryWizard, have been developed by eSupport.com's industry-leading development team. With products designed for use on desktops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and mobile devices, eSupport.com is a trusted resource worldwide.


8. MyEnergy 0

MyEnergy is an online service that allows you to gather all of your utility usage and bills in one place, and lets you share them with your friends and family. You can see the evolution of your usage and costs month over month, year over year, and can compare your performance to friends and other homes in your neighborhood. For energy providers, MyEnergy offers an affordable and modern online solution for customer engagement that's easy to implement across organizations of all sizes and doesn’t require any smart grid technology or smart meters for adoption.


9. Playrific Inc. 0

Playrific Inc. makes special apps for kids. Playrific houses direct-to-consumer learn & play iOS and Android apps which have been downloaded over 500,000 times in the past year. The company’s patent-pending Mobilize Your Content™ publishing platform was developed through three years of extensive user-testing and data-collection. It provides business partners with a quick and economical way to launch special-purpose mobile apps designed to engage and draw insights from young consumers.


10. Lightwave 0

Lightwave enables real-time interactivity and post-event analytics for live events. It was founded in 2012 by Rana June. After an intense two-year R&D period, Lightwave released its first commercial product in early 2014 and since then, it has received hundreds of press mentions in publications such as the Associated Press, Wired, TechCrunch, NPR, ABC News, The Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Fast Company, Huffington Post, PSFK and more. Lightwave’s Pepsi implementation was considered one of the breakout technologies at the SXSW Interactive festival in 2014.

Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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