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We’re not sure if you know this, but it is possible to “Wear the World”! Thanks to Serengetee, we are able to wear clothing from all corners of the world. Three ambitious college students, who t-raveled to over 15 different countries during Semester at Sea, founded Serengetee in 2012.



Two of Three Serengetee Founders Pictured Above: Jeff Steitz and Ryan Westberg 


After visiting several marketplaces and collecting thousands of fabrics on the way, an idea sparked to create a unique brand of clothing. We have all seen someone wearing a T-shirt with a colored pocket on the front, but Serengetee gave meaning to this fashionable trend!


Just Two of Many Different Styles that Serengetee Offers 

Serengetee is a pocket-tee company made with global fabrics and inspired by global causes. Every pocket fabric is connected to a charity within a country or region and between 5%-13% is donated back to the corresponding charity. Serengetee has made it possible to give back while also staying stylish! Fortunately for Serengetee, they have been successful in accomplishing their mission to provide fashion with a cause. Since their launch two years ago, Serengetee has become one of the fastest growing clothing brands and has helped numerous charities across the world. Their brand has expanded from just a few fabric choices to hundreds of fabrics that can be worn in several ways.


Helping the world - One country at a time! 

No matter where you’re from and what you do, Serengetee has a fabric for you!

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