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Ways to Motivate your Team

Ways to Motivate your Team



Motivating a group of people can be difficult, but motivating a group of people that you rely on can seem even more daunting. Once one has a team in place, the next step is to keep driving them towards progress. In an article from on “How Great Leaders Motivate Their Teams”, it is stressed that great leaders motivate their teams by giving them a “why” to believe in. This can mean a number of things, but the example given in the article is to connect employees with the end users (or customers). Here are companies that know the importance of motivation and how they apply it to encourage their employees. Their advice could give you the catalyst to inspire your team.

1. Venue Valet 2

Venue Valet

Venue Valet, LLC is a technology company headquartered in Austin, TX that provides a wide range of products and services specializing in transaction-based venue management systems that bring better data visibility to the venue owner and a better experience to the venue customer. Our flagship product, CallConnect, is a call button, venue management and digital signage system available for dine-in cinemas. CallConnect uses LED lit call buttons that allow customers to signal wait staff when they require service, integrated with an intelligent software system that pulls information from other theater management systems, such as ticketing, food and beverage & POS, and displays all data using a single, easy to read dashboard accessible to food service staff and management.  Our digital signage system for your box office, bar area, and auditorium entrance also relies on the same information, so these two systems seamlessly work in concert with each other to bring your theater data to life.


“What keeps us motivated is that we know quality work is what delivers to the customer and gets us home to our family at the end of the day.” - John Holstrom

2. Wecora 1


Wecora is a visual decision engine for small businesses and creative professionals.  Small businesses, such as wedding planners, interior designers, small manufacturers, graphic designers and anyone working in a visual field, have a difficult time efficiently managing decision making when working with associates and clients.  


Wecora provides an efficient way for people to share and discuss ideas visually.  Unlike emailing images back and forth or the endless ideation allowed by sites such as Pinterest, Wecora helps professionals keep projects moving forward by providing an elegant solution for collecting, organizing and sharing visual ideas to help everyone involved rapidly and collaboratively make decisions and move on.


“Explore all options with your team without fear of where the conversation will go, you may be surprised about where it will end up.” - Joshua Lippiner

3. Korcett 0


Before Korcett was in existence ISPs and properties were struggling to maintain MDU networks. It was evident that a solution was needed. Our founder and CEO, Dave Daugherty, made this happen.  What started out as a small company with 4 properties has continued to grow and mature into a leader in the bulk housing and broadband communities.


“Be organic with the relationships you have with your customers, stay transparent with all issues at hand to move forward with a stronger relationship internally and externally.” -Desiree Williams

4. Evari GIS 0

Evari GIS

Evari GIS Consulting, Inc. is the leader when it comes to implementing mobile and web Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology solutions for streetlight conversion/retrofit projects. Streetlights are woven throughout a community and therefore municipal streetlight data is effectively and intuitively managed from a map based interface. A custom web-based GIS will be an indispensable tool in collecting, managing, querying and reporting data about streetlight assets. When it comes to streetlight conversions and retrofits, the use of mobile GIS technology is a game-changer.


“Be very open about finances with your team and the opportunity with the company. You must align the employee's professional & financial goals with the goals of the business. ” -Ari Isaak

5. Sheer Industries 0

Sheer Industries

Our clients are our partners and leaders in their field and we listen to their needs and challenges in order to deploy a successful and effective mobile solution. We take pride in our standard of work and strive to deliver exceptional quality. We explore and apply innovative mobile capabilities to help our clients meet their business challenges. We do this through R&D as well as partnerships with renowned institutions and universities around the world such as the National University of Singapore and ETH Zurich.



“I try to motivate my team to always celebrate success, big and small alike. We like to remind ourselves of success when we run into challenges.” - Terence Loo, Managing Director (North America)



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