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We all know that patience is a virtue. But sometimes, you just don’t feel like waiting around. (After all, we live in an age of high-speed internet…who has time to wait anymore?) Chicago startup, Waitbot, heard our cries. 




Waitbot is an app for your phone that gives immediate updates on wait time for all sorts of situations: traffic, a table at your favorite restaurant, the line at the car dealership, even the status on how quickly you’ll be seen in the emergency room. Says founder Dave Turner, Waitbot set out to “solve the problem of time wasted in line.”

Originally, Turner and his two co-founders, Rishi Khullar and Raffi Garabedian, started out trying to replace the buzzer systems in restaurants that told you when your table was ready. But after about 3 months, they found that there was more they could do to give updates on wait time. They began using predictive modeling and crowd sourcing to predict how long the waits will be, which has proved to be more accurate and successful. 

They also decided to go beyond restaurants to “anything you might have to wait for,” Turner says. In its earliest stages, Waitbot interviewed a wide range of people and asked what they hated waiting for. From their responses, Waitbot has focused its technology on public transit, traffic, restaurants and bars.





Waitbot knows its user wants their information pronto – the technology behind the app lives up to that expectation. Turner explains, “Our goal is to have one click to get the information that you want. The way that we do that is we use your location and the time of day to guess what you probably want.” So during rush hour, Waitbot automatically finds the buses and trains that are closest to you. If you pull it up during dinnertime, they locate all the restaurants around you. If they don’t get it right on the first guess, you can then navigate the app to get the information you need (the menu looks like Yelp or a general city guide). But it’s that educated guess that makes Waitbot truly special for us impatient individuals who will avoid a wait at all costs. 

Ahead for Waitbot? Expanding its user base. The more users and businesses that utilize Waitbot helps give more accurate wait times. And when it comes to waiting for Sunday morning brunch, nothing could be better than avoiding the 45-minute wait that stands between you and your eggs Benedict. Waitbot’s got your back.

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