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Vote Off: Top 10 Companies on MeetAdvisors in 2014

Check out the top 10 companies featured on MeetAdvisors in 2014. These guys got an insane amount of votes, and we think they are rockin! 

Be sure to vote for your favorite! Winner takes all for 2014. 

Happy New Year! 

1. Lassy Project 46

The Lassy Project is a free service that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds.  How it works: create a village, a child profile for every child in your care, send alerts if necessary.  Creating a village of trusted friends, family members, and neighbors of people you hand select.  Then, create a profile for your children that can be shared with your village if you ever need to alert them.  Download their iOS or Android app today!


2. Photofy 29

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably taken hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of your favorite things: your pet, food, funny things, nature, and the list goes on.  Photofy is a new mobile app that lets you turn your ordinary photos into works of art and then share them with the world!  Simply capture the photograph, create something you love, and enhance them with Photofy.  Your photos are an expression of you – transform your photographs and express your personality with the world.


3. Kindara 14

Kindara is an app designed for women who are trying to get pregnant – or avoid it. The app allows females to track their menstruation cycle in order to get to know their own bodies, and to monitor their health. By measuring body temperature and cervical fluid viscosity, the app can determine when a female is most, or least, fertile. The app also puts women in touch with a community of other users who are also interested in tracking their fertility health.

4. Gem 8

Bitcoin, often referred to as the Internet of money, is a new technology that has inherent vulnerabilities. Gem, gives developers a secure Bitcoin platform to access via an easy to use API. Gem’s dedicated team has attacked and solved key challenges in other pillars of technology, which is what enables them to tackle the challenge of Bitcoin security efficiently. They are working to change the way the world exchanges currency, by making it safe for consumers to use on a regular basis.


5. TechMD 0

Feeling under the weather… with the technology sniffles?

TechMD is an IT service company that manages every aspect of your company’s IT needs. One of the company’s goals is to prevent IT problems before they occur. The company provides real-time IT support through Business Intelligence Dashboards, Processes, and Response Protocols. The company even works alongside internal IT teams and performs a Premium IT Audit that includes a comprehensive analysis of your current environment, network infrastructure, and data security. Get over your tech sniffles, see what TechMD can do for you!

6. Pley 0

What is better than receiving a package in the mail? You’re right, it’s a package filled with Legos. Pley is the exclusive renter of Lego products, opening up whole new realms of joy for the aspiring child engineers of the world. With a distribution plan similar to Netflix, users of Pley spend anywhere from $15 per month to $39 per month, and receive a new Lego set after they send back the previous one. Pley does not charge for missing pieces (up to 10 grams), and will send you a new set in the event that a set comes with a piece missing. If your child falls in love with a particular set, users can purchase it at a discounted price. Not only does Pley provide children with access to new sets, it also encourages creative learning from an early age.

7. Flyer 0

Flyer is an all-in-one tool to build, share, and track marketing and client engagement for real estate.  Their platform allows you to monitory your listing, gives you access to weekly campaign reports, and even lets you prioritize efforts to close more deals.  Flyer is an online platform that can be used for both retail and residential real estate.

8. VIDA 0

VIDA provides quantitative CT image analysis as a service to aid clinicians in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary diseases.   As a leader in clinically-validated quantitative pulmonary analysis services and software, they are actively involved with the Quantitative Imaging and Imaging Biomarker initiative.  Recently, they received $2.5 million in funding – we can’t wait to see how they continue revolutionizing treatment.


9. The Veloz Group 0

By utilizing their expertise of technological, operational, and managerial skills, The Veloz Group builds and grows businesses, while serving as technology partners to other organizations. They firmly believe in the value of empowering people in order to get people to work on the projects that they feel most passionate about. Their collaborative environment lets ideas flow without constraining creativity, which allows them to serve a full range of stakeholders from clients to partners to investors and more.


10. ChartSpan 0

Sure, you can stick a filing cabinet full of your family’s medical documents in your closet. Or you can manage the same files from your mobile device. ChartSpan makes it easy to access, and request, all of your medical history in moments. Best of all, the app is free and encrypted, keeping all of your information private at no cost.

We look forward to featuring more amazing startups in 2015! If you know a startup that would like to be featured let us know if the comments below. 

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