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Vaporizer and e-cig B2B wholesale industry riding eCommerce wave to the top

The vaporizer industry has been growing quickly with a large spike in global sales, but many have still doubted the long-term sustainability of what was initially seen as a passing fad. Years later, vaping products are not only still on the market, but diversifying and expanding across the country and world.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are appealing to smokers because people can smoke indoors without any lingering smells or prolonged smoke stains on walls, and vaping is believed to be have health benefits (especially compared to smoking traditional cigarettes). This makes the product an appealing, health-conscious alternative to smoking. This is true on the global scale, but especially in the U.S.

America has the largest social media engagement with the e-cig and vaporizer industry, boasting a 100 percent relative search volume. However, the popularity of these products can be seen around the world, with the Philippines’ 88 percent relative search volume, 76 percent in the UK, and so on. Popular search terms for this industry and its products were on the search term graph predating 2005, but have increased ten-fold since 2011.

These statistics paint a great picture for retailers that cater to consumers, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. As sales have increased in retail shops, so has demand for wholesale suppliers. These B2B eCommerce businesses feed the supply chain and help the market grow by expanding product lines and retail partnerships. It’s no wonder that the e-cig and vaporizer industry has grown to $1.5 billion in the U.S. alone. Below are the top three e-cig and vaporizer wholesalers in the U.S. that are behind (and ahead) if smoking-alternative explosion.

1. eCigs & Vapes Wholesale 1

eCigs & Vapes Wholesale is a direct importer of vapor supplies and e-cigarettes that has taken the opposite approach to their business model than UniShow. eCigs & Vapes focuses solely on e-cigs and vaporizers to become experts in their niche. This does not mean a smaller variety, however. The eCommerce company still carries an extensive inventory of the industry’s hottest brands. eCigs & Vapes Wholesale is also leading the B2B eCommerce revolution by offering an online re-seller program for people interested in owning their own e-cig and vaporizer eCommerce store. 


2. Wholesale Vapor 0

Although e-cig popularity is really gaining momentum now, it has been a bourgeoning market for a while now, and Wholesale Vapor has been a part of the growth for more than six years. Wholesale Vapor ships e-cigarettes from the U.S. to businesses all over the world. This e-cig and vapor wholesaler makes doing business with the company easy. Wholesale Vapor operates on a membership basis, requiring sign-up in order to see pricing and create a customized shopping experience. This sign up tactic helps Wholesale Vapor establish a lead base even if they don’t make a sale. Being a member is also the first step for its customers to get financing on inventory via Zazma Credit. Wholesale Vapor takes care of the sale from beginning to end. 

3. UniShow 0

UniShow’s diverse product selection has made this B2B eCommerce wholesaler an industry favorite. UniShow specializes in e-cigarettes and vaporizers, but also aims to anticipate and meet its customers varying needs.  UniShow offers complementary products that are popular in the same market, including energy supplements, smoking equipment and parts, LED signs, and more. This Texas-based company is also an authorized national partner of Aspire, a major U.S. e-cig brand. 

Michael Noble is the CEO of Apruve. Apruve is a payment platform designed for B2B eCommerce. From handling purchasing approval to streamlining POs, Apruve streamlines complicated B2B payment workflows and corporate account management so merchants can better focus on growing their business, not how they'll get paid.


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