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Utilize Your Technology: Software and Tools to Help You Do Just That

Technological advances are occurring on the daily, but how will we utilize the power of tomorrow’s technology?  These companies are dedicated to staying up-to-date with all the technological advances in order to offer you software and other tools that allow you to tap into the power of technology.  Here are 10 companies we will be keeping our eye on!

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1. TrepScore 74

TrepScore is an intelligent data management system that is designed specifically for entrepreneurs.  By using your data, the system can handle many tedious tasks by providing you access to a package of tools that can adapt to changes in your data.  By connecting your data to your documents, it is easy for the system to learn your company’s needs.  Spend time on what matters most - get TrepScore today!

2. Kareo 57

Kareo believes that small medical practices can do big things, just as long as they have the right tools and support to do so.  Their cloud-based software and services are perfect solutions to medical providers; currently, their solutions help more than 25,000 providers.  Their software integrates everything from HER, billing, and practice management in order for team members to communicate seamlessly.  Most importantly, it’s affordable and no long-term commitments are required.

3. RhodeCode Enterprise 18

RhodeCode Enterprise is a secure collaboration environment that works with your workflows, permissions, and on your platforms.  More than 10,000 large corporations, including Samsung, Cisco, Hitachi, and more, trust their products.  As the leading enterprise source for code management solutions for Git and Mercurial, they are a company you can trust.  

4. Compass 1

Compass provides next generation benchmarking tools that allow CEOs to view their own metrics in the context of their peer companies.  This easy-to-use tool requires you to connect your data – then it does the rest of the work.  Based on that information, it gathers behavioral information and individual data along with aggregated reference points.  It can help validate strategies, identify problems, prioritize tasks, and more.  

5. SwiftStack 0

SwiftStack delivers enterprise customers with a reliable, scalable, software defined storage platform.  Their platform seamlessly integrates with existing IT, runs on standard hardware, and can be replicated across globally distributed data centers.  “Simplicity to data,” SwiftStack envisioned the next generation of storage that they would want to use.  Their product, SwiftStack, brings clients comprehensive storage solutions for all of their unstructured data – their platform, SwiftStack, is how they achieved their goal.

6. Telogis 0

Telogis is a compliance and navigation software company that comes fully integrated with vehicles from the world’s most innovative manufactures.  Their platform delivers mission-critical, actionable information for companies with mobile workforces and continue sto set the standard for global location intelligence.  Clients include Ford, GM, Volvo, Isuzu, and more.  

7. Argyle Data 0

Argyle Data is a leader in real-time fraud analytics at network speed and Hadoop scale.  Their real-time analytics for big data make them the trusted partner of the world’s largest e-commerce sites.  Their tool is built on “New World” architecture, which draws on database, machine learning, search, and Hadoop technologies.

8. Business Control Systems 0

Business Control Systems provides clients with inventory control software to use in conjunction with point of sale systems.  Their full range of POS software and hardware products gives clients a lot to choose from in order to meet their goals.  Their goal is to provide you with value greater than your investment applying advances in technology to your daily operations.

9. NetSuite 0

NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software.  Their software helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system that covers financials, CRM, ecommerce, and more.  They also provide industry-specific solutions for various industries.

10. Personal Capital 0

Personal Capital allows you to get free software to simplify your financial life and vie you honest advice to help you invest better.  The software, which helps you make smarter financial decisions lets you put all your accounts into one place.  Their software is award-winning; the free tools let you manage your entire financial profile all from one secure place.  

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