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US Solution Brings Innovation to the Energy Industry

US Solution designs, develops, and delivers Energy Management Systems, which helps both business and residential consumers to buy and run their own electrical power systems. As an innovative leader in the Renewable Energy segment and DER Interconnection Systems, staff members have spent years in the space gaining extensive knowledge in order to provide a superior proficiency in the industry.

From residential to industrial to commercial and more, US Solutions provides specific application process development to provide custom equipment engineering, delivery, installation, and warranty solutions. Taking a client centered approach is at the core of their business, as they are dedicated to working towards specific client needs in order to implement the Ultimate Energy Synergy Solution fit for each client.

By applying innovation to their endeavors, they are able to provide unique systems. As an innovative leader within the renewable energy sector, their most recent venture, H.E.L.P.S, aims to deliver free energy for a lifetime. This hybrid electric light pole system, otherwise known as H.E.L.P.S, will help build a better tomorrow for future generations.

H.E.L.P.S is the beginning of an EPIC dream that will help energy producing independent consumers the opportunity to produce the entire amount of energy that they need – wherever and whenever, for free! Not only is it a logical solution for everyone, but it is also a beacon in the Distributed Energy Resource branch of the Energy Sector.

The sun and wind are available everywhere and the demand of electricity is only growing. H.E.L.P.S is a small generating system that is installed at the POEU consumer’s location, which saves expenses on transmission, delivers free energy to the end user, and lowers pressure on the existing grid.

Want to learn more about the work US Solution does? Check out their website! To learn more about H.E.L.P.S and ways to contribute, visit their crowd funding website, here.


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