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Up and Coming Medical Equipment Companies

Latest medical equipment and technology is driving force behind the proper functioning of healthcare sector. With the latest advancements in medicine and surgical techniques, life expectancy has increased considerably. Thus, creating a dire need for companies that can provide latest equipment and technology to hospitals and research centers in quick and hassle free manner. We comply a list of ten such companies, marveling in the Medical equipment and technology sector.

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1. Prescient Surgical 27

Prescient Surgical’s mission is to reduce the complications of surgical care, improving patient outcomes and decreasing healthcare costs. They are developing a platform technology for the prevention of surgical site infection that will enable safer and more cost-effective surgical care, a value proposition that will benefit patients, providers, hospitals, and payers alike. The first application of the technology targets the highest surgical infection rate in the most vulnerable patient segment that is patients undergoing high-risk abdominal gastrointestinal surgery. Prescient Surgical is developing a broad portfolio of products leveraging their core technology, staying true to the philosophy that the best strategies for preventing SSI should not alter current surgical practices. 

2. Blue Belt Tech 2

Blue Belt Tech was founded on the principle that patient care can be improved through advancing technology and the capability of surgeons’ tools.  By creating strong relationships within the physician community, they are able to collaborate on a broad range of applications, which include hip, knee, spine, and skull-based opportunities.  Their proprietary technology helps improve minimally invasive techniques and their commitment to patients is their first priority.


3. Blue Belt Technologies 2

Founded in 2003, Blue Belt has one of the industry’s deepest knowledge bases in clinical computer-assisted orthopedic surgery. Their solutions are focused on tackling difficult procedures and delivering consistently precise results, increasing utilization of under-utilized treatments by offering a technology solution, and improving mobility issues and patient satisfaction. They are passionate about leveraging advanced technology for the benefit of the patient. They offer helpful support and marketing tools, maintenance programs and onsite training to help ensure a successful robotic-assisted program. 

4. Caresync 2

Caresync focus on building user-friendly, easy-to-use applications, and combine them with exceptional services to help people take control of their healthcare information, experience better medical visits, and collaboratively manage health with family, care teams, and providers. Their diverse team has centuries of combined experience in healthcare technology, and has a long history of working together to bring great healthcare solutions to market. Each of their endeavors is driven by the passion for helping make healthcare better. They continuously adapt new products and services to create meaning and value for each of their diverse users, through great design, robust functionality, and reliable accessibility.

5. Telcare 2

Telcare develops machine-to-machine cellular technology that wirelessly connects patients and physicians to cure chronic illnesses. The Company's first product in development is the TelCheck glucose meter, which automatically relays home glucose testing data to the physician or care manager and displays immediate clinical feedback and coaching on the screen of the meter. By relaying glucose testing data to caregivers and involved family members, Telcare's solution creates an ecosystem of care that empowers people with diabetes to better manage their condition every day. The complete Telcare Glucose Monitoring Solution includes the wireless glucose meter, Telcare's FDA-cleared butt server that captures every reading and relays clinical feedback and coaching to the patient, and Telcare's suite of smartphone apps that mirror data to the patient's smartphone as well as those of authorized relatives and friends. Telcare recently won the people's choice award at the 2009 CTIA show in San Diego, CA

6. Gamma Medica 0

Gamma Medica is committed to make molecular breast imaging (MBI) more widely available as a diagnostic tool in the battle against breast cancer. A patient-friendly exam with LumaGEM MBI can change the outlook for women whose early stage tumors may go undetected or unconfirmed with a mammogram. They are based in southern New Hampshire and have assembled one of the strongest management teams that bring a range of experience working with the largest healthcare manufacturers in the world and successful new ventures

7. Veran Medical 0

Veran Medical Technologies are focused on comprehensive oncology program. Veran’s technology is defining the new standard in early definitive diagnosis of cancer, providing hospitals with a comprehensive navigation solution.Established in 2005, Veran Medical Technologies is a privately held soft tissue navigation company focused on the early diagnosis of cancer. Veran's mission is to extend life through earlier diagnosis and the delivery of minimally invasive therapies for interventional oncology procedures with unique navigation technologies.


8. ZetrOZ 0

ZetrOZ is an innovative ultrasound technology company focused on developing a new generation of ultrasound products and applications. Using OZ Inside, their powerful, proprietary miniaturization technology, they have redesigned the ultrasound generation process from end-to-end to achieve peak efficiencies across the entire spectrum of acoustic outputs. Without restrictions to transducer size, frequency, or intensity, OZ Inside can be integrated into most ultrasound applications to deliver ultrasound more efficiently, more economically, and more compactly than ever before.

9. Sinopsys Surgical, Inc. 0

The company develops medical devices for surgical procedure for the lacrimal glands. The company was formerly known as DCS Surgical, Inc. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. Sinopsys Surgical develops minimally invasive tools and procedures for Lacrimal Surgery. In addition to offering significant advantages within Ophthalmology for epiphora, Lacrimal Sinus Diversion offers substantial potential as a novel therapy for 7mm (US) chronic sinusitis patients refractory to existing pharmaceutical and surgical options.

10. VytronUS,Inc. 0

VytronUS, Inc. was formed in 2006 to harness the imaging and therapeutic capabilities of ultrasound energy to treat cardiac arrhythmias, starting with atrial fibrillation. They recognized that today's marketed technologies have limitations. Only a new energy source, such as collimated ultrasound, can shift the treatment paradigm to more predictable outcomes. Hence, they strive to make a complicated procedure simple. VytronUS has used its expertise in ultrasound technology to develop a catheter-based imaging and ablation platform based on Low-Intensity Collimated Ultrasound (LICU™). LICU is a uniform, narrow beam of energy that extends from the catheter tip. The catheter itself is not in contact with the tissue, thus eliminating the issues characteristic of contact-based ablation platforms, and enabling the acoustic beam to be swept across the tissue allowing for the creation of free-form continuous lesions.

11. AtheroNova 0

AtheroNova, through its wholly owned subsidiary, AtheroNova Operations, Inc., is a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of compounds to safely regress atherosclerotic plaque and improve lipid profiles in humans.  They plan to develop multiple applications for different compounds to be used for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis -- or plaque buildup in the arteries -- is the leading cause of heart attacks, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and other medical illnesses.

Know any other companies we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below! 

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