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Up and Coming Indianapolis Startups

What do Larry Bird, Eric Gordon, and Greg Oden all have in common? Well, yes, all three played in the NBA. However, they also share a hometown: Indianapolis. Besides generating successful athletes, Indianapolis is home to a growing start-up environment. From education-based games to innovation in healthy living, the stat-ups in Indy are not slowing down anytime soon.

1. WindStream Technologies 5

Have you ever passed a farm of wind turbines in rural USA and wish you could power your own home with one? While it is not quite feasible to erect one on the roof of your apartment complex, WindStream Technologies have developed a small version for the use in urban environments. What sets WindStream Technologies’ product apart is that it combines solar technology as well, creating the first “hybrid” energy generator unit.

2. Jokerware 1

Jokerware is a startup devoted to developing iOS and Android games geared toward any age. Their goal is to create simple, addicting games that anyone can enjoy. Their most recent release is called “Turn It Off!” which involves solving puzzles to eventually turn off a light. While some may believe this game would be too simple, Android users have rated it 4/5 stars on Google Play.

3. TinderBox 1

No, this is not a dating platform. Instead, it is a cloud-based marketing tool to help businesses maintain their marketing stratagems. TinderBox claims that their clients “close more deals faster” leading to company growth.  While providing a plethora of ways to automate the business proposal process, the software is designed to simplify tasks implemented by a sales team.

4. MaxTradeIn.com 1

MaxTradeIn.com is an online marketplace where car owners can auction their car to dealerships. Consumers can rest-assured knowing their car will be purchased at a fair, market-determined price because of MaxTradeIn.com’s organic approach to auctioning. Sellers can either choose to sell to specified dealers, or by proximity. Either way, the pain of selling a car becomes much less with dealers bidding on it.

5. Fizziology 0

Fizziology is not the study of fizz. It is, however, a group of people dedicated to social media research – They use social as the world's largest focus group for their clients. Fizziology uses data to help their clients tweak their marketing efforts around what people think. They work with industires who are able to pivot their marketing efforts based off what people are saying. Rather than solely relying on technology to analyze social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Fizziology takes pride in providing real people to identify how to improve on social media.

6. Boosterville 0

Boosterville is a platform for making payments consumers usually make, while circumventing banks. Rather than having banks profit on consumer transactions, Boosterville reinvests money to those in need. From providing funding for under-privileged children to play sports, to feeding the homeless, Boosterville is trying to level the playing field for those in need.

7. Drink Up Downtown 0

Drink Up Downtown (DUDT) is a startup that is changing the way you discover new bars, drinks, and drink specials. Instead of having to find drink specials bar by bar, the DUDT app shows users every drink and drink special in their area, enabling them choose a bar based on their drink preference. This flips the Yelp model on its head; I already know what the 20 bars in my area are; what I really want to know is what drinks and drink specials are at those bars. The DUDT app helps users compare these specials, and discover specials at bars they may never have heard of. Once a user decides to go to a bar, they can call an Uber to take them directly there, as DUDT is one of the first apps in the app store to integrate Uber functionality.

8. Zergnet 0

Zergnet is the middleman for web content marketing and discovery. Publishers are able to promote their content and readers can count on access to interesting, worthwhile stories to read online. The service is free, making the process of publishing content painless. Zergnet guarantees quality content, rejecting around 90% of the websites that apply to be a part of it.

9. Formstack 0

Formstack is a company that provides an online-based form generator. Replacing the need for an event planner, companies can correspond with employees and/or clients with the simple creation of a form. They can also be used for surveys to better understand the wants and needs of a company’s client base. Formstack can even be used to manage payments received.

Formstack has partnerships with over 35 other marketing tools, so users can automatically pass their form data to the other apps they might use without manually transferring the data. 

10. BidPal 0

BidPal is a non-profit dedicated to changing the way charities fundraise. With the BidPal software, non-profit organizations can utilize methods to generate further funding. The software incorporates mobile bidding, online auction, point-of-sale ticketing, and event management. Any donations made are handled within the software, providing payment security.

11. KA+A 0

KA+A is a strategic design consultancy. The group works with market leaders to design world-class brands, digital products, and services. From fresh-faced startups to dominant market leaders, KA+A works with some of the most ambitious and innovative companies in the world.

12. Lesson.ly 0

Lesson.ly is an innovative web- based platform meant to simplify the education of employees within a company. By providing easy tools to build a training program, business owners can trust that every employee is up to speed. Through text, video, images, and even quizzes, Lesson.ly aims to provide a comprehensible medium for business owners to instruct employees.

13. bookacoach 0

Bookacoach is the best way to for coaches and athletes to connect. It is an online marketplace where athletes look for the best coaches in the area, bookacoach provides a list of applicable candidates. Athletes no longer have to settle for their math teacher as the only available basketball coach. Parents can also rest assured that all the coaches undergo a national, state and county level background check. Known as BAC Safety Certification.

This November, bookacoach is bringing together the nation’s top youth sports organizations for a Safety Summit at Lucas Oil Stadium.

14. App Press 0

Ever think to yourself, “That would be a great phone app!” and then realize you have no clue how to design it? App Press provides a user-friendly way to take an idea and actualize it as a real phone app. Designed to be easy, users of App Press reported not having to write a single line of programming code.

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