Unique Businesses? Try These SaaS Companies!

Your business is unique and your software should be too.  These SaaS companies will make sure to make your software just as unique as your business. 

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1. Upclear 103

Upclear provides sales planning and trade promotion optimization enterprise-software to consumer goods manufacturers and distributors.  Upclear collaborates with consumer goods manufacturers in order to provide them with software and service that helps improve planning and promotion to maximize profits.  They offer best-in-class Enterprise SaaS, which allows clients of any size to quickly benefit from a low-cost high-value advantage. 

2. Internet Creations 70

Internet Creations has been in the businesses since 1996, which gives them a unique heritage and depth of experience that is uncommon.  Their team provides professional services that help organizations grow into highly efficient operations, by taking on the challenges that their competitors cannot.  Their mission is to empower organizations to operate efficiently by aligning people with technology in order to help streamline business processes, save time, and increase Salesforce adoption.

3. Raizlabs 22

Raizlabs is a mobile software development company that has been creating award-winning apps prior to the launch of the iTunes App Store in 2008.  Raizlabs now helps build successful iOS and Android apps in three simple steps – product management, design, and app development. 

4. Enow 7

ENow Software is a Microsoft Silver Independent Software Vendor who is focused on helping organizations implement the latest Microsoft technologies and building software tools that simplify the job of IT administrators.  Known for their award winning Exchange monitoring and reporting software, Mailscape, their innovative systems management software provides monitoring and reporting features that are important for all your Microsoft needs. 

5. Cogistix 4

Cogistix has over 16 years experience developing and implementing software for the Manufacturing and Distribution industry, which helps you achieve ERP success faster.  Cogistix, a software development and implementation firm, is a leading, Platinum-Level SYSPRO ERP partner.  Some of their products include APS, Payroll and HR, CMMS, and more.

6. Rithmio 3

The team at Rithmio has created a unique platform that helps brands create accurate gesture-based products quickly.  This platform can be integrated with any device, is customizable which makes prototyping easy, and very accurate.  Rithmio also provides code libraries, documentation, and examples in order to make your transition onto the Rithmio platform easy.

7. Maestro 1

Maestro designs and develops software to make your team more productive by using familiar tools and technologies.  What makes Maestro different is how they think about these tools and technologies in order to create custom software specific to your needs.  To help make you stand out, Maestro designs mobile apps, web applications, and interactive courses.

8. Tracen Technologies, Inc. 1

Tracen Technologies, Inc. produces software products and services that specialize in integrated mobile and web solutions.  By providing superior software development and system integration services, they can help you increase productivity and profits by using cutting edge technology like custom PDA software, web services, database technologies, and more.  Tracen Technologies, Inc. also developed one of the most comprehensive and powerful data collection software solutions for surveys, inspections, inventory, and workforce management. 

9. ABIS Consulting Group 0

ABIS Consulting Group is a consulting firm that specializes in business process automation through technology and software solutions.  Their flagship enterprise software solution, Adjutant, is a fully integrated CRM, ERP, and Accounting solution that excels in automation and ease of use.  This software enables clients to do more with less and helps give them insight in order to make more informed business decisions.

10. GetUsROI LLC 0

The team members at GetUsROI are experts at Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) design, development, modifications, and implementations.  President, Mark Fralick developed one of the most prolific WMS architectures in use today, which is what this company uses.  Not only do they supply contractors, they also know operations, integration, and will seek the best solutions for each and every customer on a unique basis.

11. Apex Payroll 0

Apex Payroll is a leading payroll services and technology company that offers a suite of payroll and employer service tools, which helps you eliminate the hassles associated with payroll, HR, record keeping, and tax filing.  Apex Payroll prides itself on providing unparalleled local service and expertise on a national scale.  Their unique approach to the payroll industry allows them to provide you with the products and services of a large payroll company with a personal touch.

12. Omatic Software 0

Omatic Software is a Blackbaud Technology Partner that focuses on extending, automating, and integrating Blackbaud software.  By providing you with innovative tools, Omatic helps you eliminate manual processes, which significantly cuts down time and costs.  Their goal is to help nonprofits utilize resources better while creating automated and efficient workflows.

13. Saylent Technologies 0

Saylent’s goal is to deliver market-leading solutions that allow financial institutions attract and retain accounts.  Saylent can help you solve your most complex account and credit card related challenges by providing banking technology solutions like payment intelligence software and expert services in order to generate larger profits and greater customer loyalty. 

14. Solution Street 0

Solution Street is an information technology consult agency that helps private, government, and non-profit organizations achieve their business goals by designing web applications.  Because software occasionally needs to be renovated to accommodate your business needs, Solution Street can provide assistance with renovating your software. 

15. Square Root 0

Square Root is a leading SaaS provider for automotive, energy, and retail industries, headquartered in Austin.  They leverage data science and development to build intelligent software platforms and cloud-based applications that can help large, complex organizations continuously improve their operations.  Square Root’s operations performance engagement platform, CoEFFICIENT, is used by some of the largest and most complex enterprises in the world. 

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