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Turning an Idea Into a Brand

Turning an Idea Into a Brand

By: Staci Chesler


The startup world is growing tremendously, and with that new opportunities are born. There are some truly inspired people out there who have been able to capitalize on their vision and bring an idea to life. The following companies are some great examples of this growth. All of them started by visionaries who were able to capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit and build a whole brand.

1. Runrun.it 19


After Co-Founder Antonio Carlos Soares sold his mobile application development company, he began establishing credibility elsewhere. Runrun.it became the first company of its kind to have a license in Brazil, which is where business took off from. Since then, product has really spread through word of mouth, with 130,000 companies using their software all over the world. This task manager gives you the ability to fully increase your teams productivity, keeping track of every task, and most importantly your teams focus. With just a tap of your finger, you’re provided with better management of time, tasks, and talent.

Co Founder Antonio Carlos Soares, shared, “You have to know the difference between a good opportunity, and a good opportunity for you.”

2. TargetingMantra 17


TargetingMantra is an eCommerce personalization company. Their goal is to help increase their clients sales through personalizing their websites in an innovative way. They are able to do this by eliminating products that are irrelevant to their customers. These irrelevant products create issues such as high bounce rates, low conversion, limited repeat purchase, and low average order value. TargetingMantra solves these problems through personalization by presenting products suited to the preference of each visitor. TargetingMantra’s innovative way of thinking and delivering successful services will undoubtedly cause an increase in your customer satisfaction. Thus, bringing you more success.


TargetingMantra CEO, Saurabh Nangia shared, “It’s important for startups to stay lean early on and constantly get feedback from their customer base. While entrepreneurs are exploring a product-market fit for their startups, they should ensure that at every step of product building they validate that the product features are desired by their target audience. As they make use of their limited resources, they will try various innovative approaches; some of which may fail, while some may work in their favor. However, the important thing is to continue to iterate, to think outside the box and to learn from their unsuccessful attempts, until they achieve what they aspire.”

3. RumbleTalk 10


In 2012, RumbleTalk officially had their first customer, making CEO Eyal Misk more than excited to begin this journey. More than three years later, RumbleTalk is growing quickly, working in the group chat arena, focusing mostly on group chatting for teams and communities. They’ve also  created strong alliances with customers who use their services for third parties, providing it to their customers as well. This personable software company helps site owners utilize the power of the internet in order to create an overall better experience for its visitors.


CEO Eyal Misk, shared, “It’s important is to stay focused on the things you do. Don’t try to do everything, focus on your business objective.”

4. Salesforce for Startups 6

Salesforce for Startups

Salesforce is helping the startup community by launching their platform, Salesforce for Startups. A year and half ago, Head of Startup Relationships, Ludovic Ulrich began his journey with Salesforce for Startups with one innovative goal: build, grow, and give back. They created a program that makes it easy for tech startups to build and grow their companies, providing access to technology, tools and expertise. Today they are helping over 3,000 startups in more than 80 countries find new ways to differentiate themselves from other companies, by providing the tools to engage with customers in a unique way.


Head of Startup Relationships Ludovic Ulrich, shared, “Early in the journey think about the company you want to become. Make sure you consider how you can differentiate and engage with customers differently.”

5. Pure Chat 4

Pure Chat

Launched in August 2012, Pure Chat was born from a 30 day project of a different company. CEO Hamid Shojaee, put Pure Chat out there and by December 2012 they had already gained 1000 accounts, and were receiving positive feedback. In just one year they reached numerous milestones, and continued grow tremendously. Today, Pure Chat hasn’t slowed down a bit. They’ve raised $1.5 million in Angel Money, have 200,000 signups for projects, and have gained thousands of customers in the process. Pure Chat provides small businesses with an online presence, with the means for their customers to ask questions and get answers in real time. By doing so, they create a better customer experience, effectively increasing sales and overall customer satisfaction.


CEO Hamid Shojaee, shared, “Don’t be married to an idea. If you can experiment without emotional attachment to what the outcome might be, it will be much easier to validate.”

6. Videopixie 4


When Co Founder Thomas Escourrou realized companies needed help creating content for videos on their website, he pivoted and began focusing on helping people hire video professionals for their projects. Since the launch of VideoPixie, they have grown quickly, and continue to do so. They help you hire only the best videographers, animators, and video editors. No matter what your budget, they’ll be sure to pair you with someone who will fit your needs. With Videopixie, you set up your ideas and then pick from any of the top notch video professionals who bid on your project.


COO, Thomas Escourrou, shared, “Focus on a problem you really care about solving. You may not have all of the answers but if you’re persistent and focus on your early customers, you’ll build something great.”

7. Vero 2


Started in Sydney Australia in June 2012, Vero went through an incubator called Startmate. By the end of the year CEO Chris Hexton moved to San Francisco, California and the company has been growing ever since. With a strong focus on customer service, they’ve quickly turned into a serious company with a more strategic approach and most importantly, a strong passion for what they do. Vero empowers the email marketing journey by automating emails based on what customers do, which allows you to send emails geared towards each customer individually. They’re creating a cool new culture, while providing meaningful tools, and a product that can be used for years to come.


CEO Chris Hexton “You can’t beat hard work. Put your head down, stay focused, and work on something meaningful.”

8. BeautyArmy 2


About 4.5 years ago, CEO Lindsey Collins started BeautyArmy, making it easier for women to find beauty and personal care products. They collect personal attributes, and get to know each woman on a more intimate level, enabling them to connect you instantly, with the most personalized products. After spending the last four years developing strong relationships with numerous brands, BeautyArmy is proud to provide you with all the most highly recommended products. Shop by recommendation, brand, or category, BeautyArmy will create the perfect beauty profile for you. Purchase a monthly gift subscription, or get one for yourself, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised every time.

CEO Lindsey Collins, shared,“It may look like people are successful overnight but that’s never the case, and if you really believe in your idea you should keep going.”

9. TowerData 2


CBO, Phil Davis had been working with digital marketing clients when he realized there had to be a better way to understand users, and ultimately make a better first impression. He did so by working with a team of engineers to build a platform which provides a number of data solutions, allowing marketers to get a better idea of the person behind an email address and provide for a better customer experience. Through the instant data platform, TowerData has revolutionized how companies large and small get advanced and robust data solutions. As the need for data in real time continues to grow, so does TowerData’s business.TowerData makes it easy for marketers to engage with customers, using Email Intelligence, Email Validation, and Email Append.


CBO, Phil Davis shared, “Be persistent enough to pursue your dream, but patient enough to wait and see the fruit of your labor recognized.”

10. HotJar 2


After working on a previous project, CEO David Darmanin decided to strive for larger ambitions. That is how HotJar was born. Today, they are doing extremely well, experiencing organic growth, high promoter scores, and a growing fan base. This is an all-in-one Analytics and Feedback platform that provides companies all the tools they need for a fraction of the price compared to other companies. With HotJar, you can Optimize your Site’s Usability and Conversion Rate, experiencing unlimited insights, users, and sites for your organization. They provide an amazing solution experience and give you better results, ultimately empowering marketers and web designers around the world.


HotJar CEO, David Darmanin shared, “Put the user at the center of your business, build your company around the user, and their feedback.”

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