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Tremendous Thursday – Amazing Companies Shining Bright

Tremendous Thursday – Amazing Companies Shining Bright



We’re happy we had the opportunity to talk with these amazing companies! Each is doing something unique and helping change the standard of their industry.

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1. Gem 4742


Bitcoin, often referred to as the Internet of money, is a new technology that has inherent vulnerabilities. Gem, gives developers a secure Bitcoin platform to access via an easy to use API. Gem’s dedicated team has attacked and solved key challenges in other pillars of technology, which is what enables them to tackle the challenge of Bitcoin security efficiently. They are working to change the way the world exchanges currency, by making it safe for consumers to use on a regular basis.


2. Munzee 3310


Munzee, derived from the German word for “coin,” is an evolving game with a bright future. Munzee is the ultimate 21st century scavenger hunt powered by your phone. This free game app uses QR codes throughout the game. With over 100 countries worldwide and over 100,000 players, there is at least 1 physical munzee deployed on every continent in the world. Their goal? To make a game that is free and fun for everyone!

3. eSchoolView 2078


eSchoolView worked with schools for about 7 years, which gave the founders the insight they needed to realize that they needed a bigger online presence and an easier way to communicate with parents and community members. They started looking for ways to build a system that made communication faster and easier. After building it from the ground up, their system has been deployed in over 300 school districts across the country.

4. Sunset Dental Technologies 363

Sunset Dental Technologies

Sunset Dental Technologies is a comprehensive IT services provider that specializes in custom technology solutions for dental practices of all sizes. Sunset Dental's professionals work to provide each client with the best and most appropriate computer software, hardware, and networking products and services available. Most of Sunset Dental's customers elect to stay with the company well after the sale and installation of their IT equipment. Those clients enjoy the benefits of ongoing computer support that they can access via a 24-hour call center or through our team of courteous on-site technicians. Sunset Dental also works behind the scenes, by performing after-hours routine maintenance to keep systems running at optimal efficiency. For the occasion when disaster really strikes, Sunset Dental stands ready to recover customer data and get systems up and running as quickly as possible. The reason Sunset Dental is a proven leader in the dental IT field is simple. The company looks at every client as a partner and an organization with which it desires a long-standing business relationship based on excellent service and trust.


5. AlienVault 179


AlienVault, started in 2007, is a detective type of security group that goes after mid-market enterprises. Their hardware and software is all in the cloud that is open exchange, which means that there is a wide network of contributors that contribute threat data to network. Information is shared, so if you get breached you can share that info with others, so they can protect themselves as well. AlienVault was created to help organizations of all shapes and sizes to achieve world-class security without the headaches and huge expense of other solutions – they are very passionate about this mission.


6. TranscribeMe 171


CEO and cofounder Alexei Dunayev realized there was a need for transcribing interviews after watching his wife work on her PHD. TranscribeMe grew out of this realization and a business. Not only do they have over 50,000 transcriptionists, they also take a new approach to transcribing - crowdsourcing. Their technology enables them to splice audio and separate them into tiny segments, then send those to their "crowd." The "crowd" sends back their work, and through their ground breaking technology, they make sure that the work is correct. Then, they reformat this into a finished project. The system is integrated with third party services, including Evernote and NVivo. Their biggest pride is offering secure services.

7. Happy Inspector 168

Happy Inspector

Happy Inspector is the #1 inspection app property managers love, which is used by over 9000 property managers. Their solution saves up to 80% of your time on creating inspection reports. Happy Inspector makes all of your property inspections available from your iPad and desktop, which gives you the freedom to share reports with co-workers instantly.


8. FLYR 164


FLYR was created in order to provide users accurate price predictions of airline tickets. They also give you insurance to protect you against the price going up. Their dedicated team has transformed the space in a way that is very beneficial to consumer planning. Currently, they cover US domestic results and are currently moving into European routes. They are the only company that can predict with 80-90% accuracy. 

Know any other companies that should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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