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Community Blog / TransDR – Getting Its Hands Dirty with Direct Marketing

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It’s a big, old world for business marketing. There’s advertising, branding, digital marketing, social media, public relations – all sorts of ways to get the word out about your company. Amidst all the strategies, there’s direct marketing, which keeps relationships between businesses and customers simple and personal. TransDR does exactly that.


TransDR, or Transparent Direct Response, is a business accelerator for small and mid-sized businesses that specializes in direct marketing. Started in 2010 by Duncan Robinson, TransDR develops direct marketing programs for their clients on the web, DRTV, at retail and via direct mail. These plans are created after extensive customer research. This, says Robinson, is what sets TransDR apart.

Robinson says that their customer research model is proven to work. He employed the same strategies that TransDR uses during his many years as a CMO for several private equity-backed companies. With this same approach, he was able to turn around and grow three mid-sized companies in ten years. What exactly is the model? Says Robinson, it’s “all about talking to your customers on a regular basis and understanding them both quantitatively and qualitatively.”

In just three years, TransDR has been soaring. They already are working internationally, with customers in France and Canada. And with worldwide-recognized clients like retail store Ann Taylor, luxury spa Elizabeth Arden and LA Weight Loss, it’s clear that TransDR has some serious street-cred. 

Ahead for TransDR, Robinson says he’d like to start having small equity stakes in the businesses they help grow. After all, that might be the fundamental difference between TransDR and other consultant companies. “We’re operators. We’re not consultants,” Robinson clarifies. “We actually execute and get our hands dirty. And that’s what sets us apart. We have skin the game.” With that kind of personal investment, TransDR is their customer’s best friend…the kind of best friend that gives great advice and then takes it himself.

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