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Touching the Future with Technology

Touching the Future with Technology




In this blog, we present you the companies that have incorporated cutting edge technology and innovation to provide you with futuristic gadgets, modishly designed products and state of the art equipment. Not only they have wooed thousands of customers, worldwide but have also set new benchmarks for their competitors.

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1. Freevi 11


Three dimensional videos and movies always spark our imagination and fuel our enthusiasm. With more and more 3d movies coming into the market these days, the demand for 3d televisions and cinemas is on the rise. But have you ever thought of a 3d tablet? A three-dimensional experience right in your hands? Well, Freevi Corp, the Beverly Hills based manufacturer, has developed the world's first 3d tablet, to carve out reality from the science fiction!

2. BuQu Tech 3

BuQu Tech

Ever thought of a mobile phone cover that can protect your phone and charge it magnetically at the same time? Well, experts at BuQu Tech have created an amazing phone cover known as magnetyze, that magnetically charges your phone along with providing optimum safety from external damage. 

3. CXC Simulations 3

CXC Simulations

How awesome you would feel to experience driving a professional rally car while sitting in your living room? No, we are not getting rhetorical here, as CXC Simulations manufacture professional simulators for home and business use which allows people to experience the adrenaline rush of driving over 200mph and the heat of professional racing, right at their homes.

4. Sonix 1


Bored of your usual iPhone cover? How often you wish to have a designer mobile phone cover that can echo - style and class along with saving your phone from external damage? Well, don't fret, Sonix is the right solution for you! The company creates beautifully designed iPhone, Android and iPad accessories including covers, bezels and cases. So next time when you think of getting your iPhone styled, think of Sonix!

5. Audio Video Revolution 1

Audio Video Revolution

Audio Video Revolution is undoubtedly one of the best and largest publications that review latest professional audio and video equipment. Except from reviewing the upcoming gadgets and electronics, they also review latest music, movies and other happenings around the globe related to this audio and video industry.

6. PixelFlash 0


Pixel Flash is a company that deals in manufacturing ultra fast speed flash memories for DSLR cameras and audio production. These two fields require very high-speed memory with high transfer rates, to complete the tasks quickly. PixelFlash provides the right kind of equipment to speed up their processes and accomplish transfers in a matter of nanoseconds!

7. Wilshire Home Entertainment 0

Wilshire Home Entertainment

If you're living in the parts of South California and desire to setup a home theater system at your home or a high performance audio equipment at your studio, Wilshire Home Entertainment is the right firm for you. With many years of expertise in this field, it has helped make them a world class service provider. Their services range from including audio automation and video conferencing to setting up multimedia equipment.

8. HUMX 0


Sometimes we are bored of using our regular mp3 players and home audio equipment, as often we feel envy of the futuristic audio/video gadgets used by different characters in the sci-fi movies.

Well, HUMX is one such company which manufactures great quality audio equipment including earphones, headphones and mp3 players with a very futuristic appeal. Not only  these products present a great visual treat but they are designed in a very compact form, to utilize minimum space. Remember the name HUMX,  next time you want to feel a craving for innovative audio equipment.

9. Bundle City, Inc. 0

Bundle City, Inc.

If you wish for an online electronics store where you can find all major brands under one roof with regular discounts and offers, Bundle City should be your destination. Backed up by regular discounts and competitive prices, Bundle City has fast emerged as favorite among online shoppers. They are headquartered at Los Angeles, California and provide a very fast and prompt 24x7 customer support.

Think we forgot someone? Let us know and we might just feature them in a future post!

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