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Boston, The City on the Hill, has some Cool and Innovative startups. Mabbly lists the ten must-watch startups in Boston, Massachusetts: 

1. DondeEsta

Founded in 2009, DondeEsta provides family safety and peace of mind by using the latest technology to provide real time accurate localization of your family. DondeEsta is on our list because of their achievements of spreading worldwide and gaining trust from more than 100,000 families. 


2. RethinkRobotics

The world's first robot developed to increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing environments. Baxter, the robot, is fully functional and helps manufacturers lower costs. RethinkRobotics has made our list because of its innovativeness and its goal is to help America compete with low-wage offshore labor. 


3. FormLabs

The Form1 produces high-resolution 3D printing at a low cost. The team at FormLabs created the Form1 so that people around the world can have the power to create 3D forms with the touch of a button. FormLabs is on our list because it has revolutionized the world we live in and is one of the most-funded projects in Kickstarter history!  

4. Ubersense

Created to help athletes and coaches improve technique and performance through video analysis technology, Ubersense allows access coaching for any sport or activity anytime, anywhere! This startup has made our list because of its unique target market and their partnership with the U.S. Bobsled Skeleton Federation for its Olympic teams.  

5. Ministry of Supply

This company's goal is to inspire confidence through clothing. One way to do this is by creating a line of dress shirts that adapt to your body and regulates your body temperature. Ministry of Supply is on our list because in its short existence it has revolutionized the way people dress by distributing to customers throughout 48 countries. 


6. Flashnotes

Flashnotes allows college students to make money by selling their own class notes and study guides to others. Both sides benefit from the exchange: one gets money, the other gets better grades! This startup has made our list because it promotes peer-to-peer learning and resources students cannot find anywhere else.  

7. Ovuline

Founded in 2012, Ovuline's mission is to help women start families and live healthier lives. The team at Ovuline guides women through the fertility process and provides personalized advice to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We have included this startup in our list because of its fast growth and expansion into the health industry.


8. Plastiq

Empowering cardholders to pay with their card of choice to merchants they were not able to previously. Payments for tuition, taxes, and utility bills can be made through Plastiq. Plastiq has made our list because their purpose to make payments more convenient is admirable. 


9. Runkeeper

This fitness technology company offers the benefits of a personal trainer right on your smartphone. RunKeeper has integrated numerous services to help you reach your fitness goals and keep you motivated. We have included it in our list because of its great success and expansion since it was founded.  

10. TicketZen

Founded only 6 months ago, TicketZen offers an easy, hassle-free way to pay your parking tickets. This service has launched in 8 cities already! This startup is on our list because it is ambitious and growing quickly.  


Know any rising startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list!  


Posted by Renata Sandor
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