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Top Software Companies Making a Difference

Top Software Companies Making a Difference



It can get overwhelming while trying to choose software to use for your company.  These companies try to diminish the confusion and cost of new software, while letting you focus on what matters most.

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1. Square 9 Softworks 1507

Square 9 Softworks

Square 9’s commitment to open architecture and cutting edge technologies has led to the development of their SmartSearch Document Management Suite for businesses of all sizes.  This award winning document management software can easily be adapted to automate any paper intensive process with ease.  This software allows organizations the ability to manage documents virtually from anywhere as well.

2. Orchestra Software 1473

Orchestra Software

Orchestra Software is an enterprise software company that focuses on creating industry vertical solutions that are affordable enough for small companies, yet scalable enough for large companies.  Their industry specific software consolidates all of your company’s operations into one single application, which provides unmatched insight into the business, and creates increased profitability and cost savings.  Orchestra’s flagship solutions are OrchestratedBEER, which is the leading ERP solution for the craft brewery marketing, and OrchestratedFUEL, the most feature rich ERP solution for the petroleum industry. 

3. Mediafly 456


Mediafly is a content mobility cloud that offers various mobile enterprise solutions in a consumer application in order for Fortune 100 companies to bridge the gap between fascinating content and the wide range of mobile devices.  Mediafly’s solutions are implemented via mobile and SaaS applications with speed, innovation, and flexibility.  Mediafly’s SalesKit is a content mobility and sales enablement solution that allows you to duplicate your top performers’ efforts across your entire sales force, saving you time and money.  Through their production enablement, you can access and review digital videos simply and elegantly. 

4. Old Town IT 105

Old Town IT

Old Town IT brings decades of experience in the software solutions world available to associations.  Their expertise gives them the knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t, which enables them to provide elegant solutions to best serve client’s long-term objectives.  Their mission statement, “To set a higher standard of service in the technology business while delivering customer-centric, superior solutions,” is present in the work they do.

5. 360 Cloud Solutions 35

360 Cloud Solutions

360 Cloud Solutions specializes in the implementation, configuration, and customization of platforms by leading software publishers.  They offer mid-sized businesses a complete blueprint of professional services.  They are a pure-cloud practice with experts in business clouds.  Their solutions include Cloud ERP and CRM platforms, secure content collaboration, global consolidation, revenue management, identity management, budgeting, planning, and much more.

6. Mesh Systems 27

Mesh Systems

Mesh Systems designs custom turnkey loT/M2M solutions, including hardware, software, and networking frameworks.  MeshVista, their award winning platform, and their deep industry expertise, allows them to accelerate delivery of products and services that connect devices, data, people, and processes to work together in a coherent way.  Mesh System’s goal is to transform relationships between people and machines by enabling frictionless communication between data, devices, people, and processes.

7. VizExplorer 21


Does segmenting have you worrying about your campaign?  VizExplorer can take those worries away by providing you the power of data without all the hassles of manually processing data.  crmViz provides flexibility for your campaign segmentation and their Customer Preference Calculators also help you get more data without going through time-consuming measures.  VizExplorer loves data because of its ever-changing nature, and they also believe that data should be exploratory in order for you to experiment, assess, and refine your business.

8. Two Toasters 12

Two Toasters

Two Toasters designs and develops iOS and Android applications for mobile devices for venture-backed startups across a variety of verticals, from commerce to banking.  Two Toasters will be there for you every step of the way.  Because they understand that mobile application building is a serious and long-term commitment, they developed a four-stage plan to help with strategy, planning, design, usability testing, product development, launch, and maintenance.

9. Atlas RFID Solutions 4

Atlas RFID Solutions

Atlas RFID Solutions strives to bridge the gap between the capabilities of auto-ID technology and the commercial needs of efficiency-conscious firms.  They develop and implement auto-ID based systems throughout the world by providing businesses with material control, mobile technology, auto-identification, hardware, and accessories.

10. Technossus 4


Technossus provides technology solutions for the new age of business.  Innovative solutions need to be proposed in order to transform the business environment and enhance collaboration and seamless sharing of information.  Technossus, a software solution and technology consulting company, uniquely helps businesses navigate this new business world by maximizing the usefulness of their existing system and introduction solutions that respond to their new needs.  Technossus provides consulting service, custom app development, mobile platforms, and CRM implementation.

11. Crade Solution 3

Crade Solution

Cradle Solution provides custom application software, and they also privde detailed technical training for the Oil and Gas industry.  CradleMRx serves the needs of home health care professionals by providing users with web-based point-of-contact information entry and management.  While it integrates HIPAA-compliant security features, it also has billing, reporting, and management features as well.  The software is web-based and updates are provided at no extra charge.

12. AirSage 3


AirSage anonymously collects and analyzes wireless signaling data, while processing over 15 billion mobile device locations daily.  Then, AirSage turns this data into meaningful and actionable information that can be used by private businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.  AirSage is committed to becoming the leading provider of comprehensive location content, with hopes of helping businesses increase efficiency in power transportation applications, media placement, or site location insights.  AirSage also believes in giving back to the community through the following ways: AirSage PASS, which encourages professional growth in youths, CNU Membership giveaway, donations and scholarships, and educational/academic discounts.

13. W&R Studios 3

W&R Studios

W&R Studios is a web software company that focuses on building the next generation of web-based software solutions for the real estate industry.  Their “less is more” approach to software design, elegant user interfaces, and the latest programming allows W&R Studios’ software applications to be powerful, yet accessible to everyone.  Their products include Cloud CMA, a Nudge photo sharing app, and consulting. 

14. Interactyx 2


Interactyx is a global eLearning software company that provides engaging and interactive learning experiences to learners, businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations of any size, anywhere in the world.  Interactyx works to develop engaging learning solutions to revolutionize how real people gather, interact, and learn.  As an innovative, affordable solution, Interactyx’s software delivers complete eLearning software, which helps meet the needs of today’s learner.

15. DaySmart Software 2

DaySmart Software

DaySmart Software provides software for salons and spas in order to meet your needs specifically.  Their goal is to provide your business with affordable, yet powerful software.  Their software allows you to organize and streamline your business, while providing superior customer support.    Their software works with gift cards and all the POS hardware you use to run your business, including receipt printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, touch screens, and more. 

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