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Top SEO News: Week of Sept 19 - 25

Study of Mobile Shopping Habits Shows Smartphones Top Tablets 
A NinthDecimal Mobile Audience Insights Report shows that consumers are doing more of their shopping research on smartphones rather than tablets.  The number of consumers using their phones to research purchases before they buy has increased by 110% since 2013.  Tablet use for research dropped from 37% to 16% over the same time period. 

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Searchmetrics Ranking Factors Report Puts Content Over Keywords
The yearly Searchmetrics report on ranking factors puts the quality of content higher than the use of keywords.  The study shows that content that is more holistic in nature gives sites better rankings than keyword-focused content, continuing the accelerating evolution of quality content over keywords.

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Google Introduces Structured Snippets 
Google Web Search will now pull relevant facts from websites and into the search results.  Results will list product specifications and other information in a structured box below the original search results.  The information comes from data tables located on the websites from which search results are pulled.

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Bing Releases New App For iPhone 6 
The new Bing app for the just-released iPhone 6 will take advantage of iOS 8 updates to create a more powerful tool.  The Bing homepage can be added to the Today pages on the screen, allowing users to view trending topics.  Web search translation is also built into the new app, among other features.

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SEOprofiler Adds Advanced Spell Check Feature
SEOprofiler has added a new spellcheck feature that checks for more than just misspelled words.  It is an advanced spell checker that ignores common brand names and can check lesser-known technical terms. It can also recognize social media terms.  The spell checker will help prevent mistakes that can impact search results.

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Google Right to Be Forgotten Requests Include Requests From Authors
Statistics show that the European Right to be Forgotten legislation has brought in thousands of requests, and Google has denied approximately 59%.  A study of over 15,000 requests determined that more than half were denied.  The most common grounds for denial were that the content was useful and interesting to potential customers, but surprisingly, the second most common reason was that the requester actually authored the content. 

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Bing Launches Dynamic Sitelinks 
Bing has revealed a new search feature that will add annotations onto ads that lack specifically set up sitelinks extensions.  An algorithm will pull deep links directly from the site and use them in the place of chosen extensions to provide more information to searchers.

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