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Top SEO News: Week of Nov 24-28


Syrian Electronic Army Hack Hits Western Media Websites
The attack affected multiple news outlets in UK, US and Canada including the New York Times, CBC, Forbes and The Independent. The SEA said its Twitter feed the that attack were timed to the US thanksgiving holidays.

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Obama Gets to be King for a Day
Google accidentally declared Barack Obama as king of the US. Users searching for King of the United States? were shown Obama's Picture in the Knowledge Graph at the top of SERPs. Google Answer pulled the information from an editorial article on Breitbart.com.

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EU Calls for ?Unbundling? of Search from Google Inc.
In its continuing legal battle with Google on anti-trust issues, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution to separate search engine from other commercial services. Although Google is not mention directly by name in the resolution, the resolution was headed up by EU members states who recent pass legislation against Google.

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Apple Looks Elsewhere for Search Partner for Safari/iOS

With the tech giant's contract with Google expiring next year, it's quite possible that Apple may be looking to Bing or Yahoo as an alternative. Microsoft's Bing has already been in the picture for Apple with its results being used on OSX Yosemite and intelligent software assistant Siri.

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Google Takes Down another Polish Link Network
Google has taken down yet another Polish link network, one of many penalized this year. Prolink.pl is the latest in a slew of link networks targeted for manual penalties.

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