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Top Internet News: Week of June 13-19

Canadian Courts Rule In Favor Of Blocking Sites from Google


In a decision that has far-reaching implications, a Canadian court in British Columbia handed down a ruling forcing Google to remove certain websites from searches. The sites would have to be blocked worldwide – the first time such a ruling has been made. The Canadian court ruled that due to advertising aimed at Canadians, the court has jurisdiction over Google in this matter. Google plans to appeal the ruling in the Canadian Supreme Court.

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Microsoft Shuts Down Bing Ads Express 
After less than a year, Microsoft has announced plans to shut down its Bing Ads Express program by July 30th, 2014.  The program, aimed mainly at small businesses, allowed the use of a Facebook page as a landing page and was meant to streamline the use of paid search advertising.  The shutdown of Express will mean that those who currently use the program will need to open a new Bing Ads account and launch a new advertising campaign.

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2014 Search Marketing Expo Panel Reveals Trends in Search Engine Ranking
SMX hit the ground running with its panel on the Periodic Table of SEO Elements, an up-to-the-minute examination and discussion of which search engine ranking factors are working and which are not.  The factor that the panel felt increased the most since last year is site loading speed. Having too many or two few internal links on a site has increased a bit in affecting affect rankings, while Google+ and Facebook shares has dropped a little in strength. Strong content continues to be the largest factor, though it’s actually the mother of all factors – the driving force that powers all the other factors. The full report is expected to be published in late June.

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Google’s New Approach to Rejection Reconsideration Notices Moving Forward 
The changes Google promised to make in how it handles reconsidering rejected sites was revealed at SMX, and the new version of the message sent to the rejected sites shows a much more comprehensive and personalized approach.  The explanation for rejection is much more detailed than the previous message template, which is expected to facilitate the process of correcting issues for Google reconsideration. 

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Pinterest Upgrades Place Search for Easier Access to Travel Pins

Pinterest has made big changes to the way place searches are done on its image-based site, meaning that searches will be faster and easier.  The over 1 billion place-related pins will now be searchable by a single input box, combining the name and location of the place.  This is expected to make searches faster and more user-friendly.  The company expects this to increase the use of place pins in the future.

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Twitter Announces Support of Animated GIFs
Twitter announced that they will now support animated GIFs, which has big potential for marketing.  Animated GIFs, which have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, will allow marketers to get a more visual message across quickly and efficiently.  GIFs can be added to tweets in the same manner that static images are currently attached.

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Universal Search Results Weigh Heavily Towards Video
Searchmetrics has recently released the results of a yearlong study of Universal Search Results. The study found that videos, primarily from YouTube, top the search results in approximately 65% of searches.  Images came in at 45%.  The diversity in news results has declined somewhat, coinciding with Google’s Hummingbird release.  The area in search results that increased the most over the past year was product listing ads.

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Written by:

Matt Tuens

Head of Copywriting, Beanstalk SEO Inc

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