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Top Companies From MeetAdvisors the Week of 10/20

These two companies got the most votes on www.MeetAdvisors.com the week of 10/20!

1. Carolina Home Mortgage 


Carolina Home Mortgage is a locally owned small mortgage business that received an incredible 9161 votes on www.MeetAdvisors.com the week of October 20th! They are awesome because they are dedicated to working for their customers, rather than working for the bank. Carolina Home Mortgage has more votes than any other company on www.MeetAdvisors.com, as of now.  They work with people to secure loans for their homes, in a friendly hard working environment. 

Their site is user friendly, and allows you to view the answers commonly asked questions about home loans in an interactive way. We love sites like this, because they are straightforward and give users all of the information they could need before going forward with getting a home loan. Need to know if you can afford a house? Or how your credit score affects your mortgage? Check out their site! They also offer an instant rate quote in less than one minute. 

2. Togenit

Togenit, or Together Enjoy It, is a social media site that connects people with similar interests. We covered them in our blog on companies connecting people, and they quickly made it to the top! What is worse than hanging out with someone who doesn’t like to do similar things as you? Probably nothing…  We all like to spend time with people who have similar interests, whether they are friends, or significant others. Togenit makes this possible by connecting people digitally, and then introducing them in a fun safe environment such as a concert or event.

The platform is easy to navigate, you enter a city, date, and the type of event you are interested in. Then, Togenit lists events in your area that they think you would like! Togenit is more than a product; it is a recognizable brand aiming at fostering people's interactions and encouraging them to Enjoy Life together.

Togenit also allows companies to sell tickets through their portal, and promote their events. This is particularly useful for nonprofits that may need help getting information out about their event! Togenit takes no service fees from non-profit organizations. They work with companies to sell their tickets “better” and “cheaper”. They do this through their linear discounting system, which allows organizations to sell and promote their event with no risk. 

If you have an innovative business, and are interested in being featured on MeetAdvisors, let us know if the comments below! 

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