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Top 15 Up and Coming Startups in New Orleans

New Orleans is quickly becoming one of the largest hubs for start-ups. The Silicon Bayou is taking the country by storm, because of the vast amount of startups in the area. Here are the top 15-startup companies Mabbly will be keeping an eye on.

1. Niko Niko

Niko Niko is a tech company, working to capture employee’s moods throughout the day. By using analytics to share moods throughout the workplace, they determined that performance can be increased.

Team members use an app to chart their mood throughout the day. Then, the app compiles the data to determine peak time for productivity.

2. South Coast Solar

South Coast Solar, a company started in New Orleans, installs solar energy systems. The company sells or leases the systems out to property owners. The solar energy systems provide power for a building. If there is any left over power it is transferred back to the grid and the system owner receives credit for it.

The organization has installed solar energy systems in over 600 properties including companies such as Falstaff Brewery, Fort Polk, and several New Orleans Public Schools.

3. Kickboard

Kickboard is Software Company working to improve schools by connecting parents, teachers, and students. The program allows teachers to track data about each student and shows them priorities for their class. 

Kickboard is working with teachers to create high performing schools. They do this by analyzing data from students to determine what area each student needs to focus on.

4. Federated Sample

Federated Sample is an online sampling platform, geared toward helping Market Research companies build their business. The software is designed to boost performance through algorithms, in order to increase the value of survey respondents. The program works as a marketplace for brands to seek out respondents to their surveys.

5. FundDat

FundDat, a New Orleans based crowdfunding site, is designed for projects in the New Orleans area. FundDat’s main goal is to benefit the NOLA community. They connect projects in or about New Orleans to people who want to help get their projects off the ground.

6. CareBacks

CareBacks is a mobile app that allows consumers to make donations to people in need. The app then acts as a giftcard at any of the preselected locations, but excludes things such as cigarettes and alcohol.

The app, launched by Susco Solutions, is currently available in the New Orleans area. CareBacks works with vendors such as The Salvation Army, Winn Dixie, and Community Food Center. The app allows you to track your donation, to see when and where it was redeemed. 

7. Apptitude

Apptitude, a New Orleans based software company, is working to help small businesses launch apps and websites. Apptitude also offers a hosting platform for websites, and guarantees 100% uptime.

Apptitude assures companies that they can design and develop apps and websites in a stress free way. They have worked with companies such as NOLA food truck. They created an app for them that will help people locate food trucks all over the city. 

8. Premium Parking

Premium Parking strives to be the best parking company in the industry, with over 40 locations. Premium Parking has launched a mobile app that allows consumers to reserve spots in advance, get notifications when their parking is about to expire, extend their parking session, and pay for parking instantly. They have brought parking into the mobile space.

9. Airpnp

As the age of sharing and mobile apps grow, consumers find that they can rent just about anything from other people- first apartments, and now toilets. Airpnp is a mobile app that allows consumers to rent out toilets from residences and businesses. The app began in New Orleans, but has since gone global.

It began at Mardi Gras 2014, when Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin decided to create the app to allow fellow Mardi Gras goers to find the closest, cleanest bathroom to rent for around $5. The app requires bathroom owners to post pictures, and list the type of toilet paper they have.

10. AdverCar

AdverCar allows brands to get their message to consumers via everyday drivers. The company is built on the idea that people are brand enthusiasts, and word of mouth is still one of the top motivators to buy. AdverCar allows consumers to spread the word about a brand they like, through their car. They pay consumers to put removable ads on the sides of their car.

11. Green Coast Enterprises

Green Coast Enterprises is a real estate company in the Southeastern United States, which focuses on sustainable community renewal. They are working to change the way infrastructure is developed in Urban and Coastal areas, which are affected by climate change. Green Coast Enterprises focuses on helping customers lower utility bills, and the amount of spending on maintenance, while improving their environmental footprint. More and more companies are looking to go green, and Green Coast Enterprises has made it their mission to help them.


12. iSeatz

iSeatz is a booking site that allows companies to make reservations easily. The site puts together packages for businesses, so that customers do not have to go to different websites to plan a business trip.

The company began as a restaurant booking site, and found that their technology could be used for booking flights, hotels, and attractions as well. They now provide travel solutions to companies around the world, through loyalty programs, and customer touch-points.

13. 4.0 Schools

4.0 Schools is a nonprofit, working in New Orleans and New York to create solutions to problems within the school systems. They help to support anyone who wants to build or improve schools. 4.0 Schools works to outline problems in schools, and test solutions to incorporate into the school systems. They look at the way the world is changing, and how that should affect education.

14. Better Day Health 

Better Day Health, an IT startup company, is working to create innovations in the healthcare system, while lowering costs. They have created a healthcare program for physicians, that documents patient encounters in order to make them more efficient in the future.

15. Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab is a dining club, working to unite undiscovered chefs with consumers, who like to try new foods. They work to create a space for up and coming chefs to get their name out there. Dinner Lab is quickly spreading becoming across the country. 

The company is unique because they describe themselves as a data company, rather than your ordinary dinner club. They compile data from members about what they like to eat, and allows chefs to improve their menus with this valuable information.

Know any New Orleans startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list!  

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