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Top 15 Up and Coming Startups in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is becoming one of the fastest growing startup communities in the United States. It has many noteworthy companies that we feel will be taking the country by storm in the next few years. Here are the top 15 Milwaukee based startups that Mabbly will be keeping an eye on.

1. Project Foundry 

Project Foundry is a full-featured workflow collaboration tool to manage project-based learning (PBL). PBL is an up and coming learning model that's catching fire with the implementation of the national Common Core standards.

Project Foundry integrates resources such as Google Drive, standards based reporting, and student self-assessment to track their progress.

2. Scanalytics

Scanalytics is a consumer analytics company based out of Milwaukee, working to understand consumer behavior for small businesses. The software program monitors and predicts patterns of behavior amongst consumers, in a physical space, such as a retail store.

Scanalytics uses SoleSensor technology to track consumer behavior in a physical space.

3.  Chitter

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting rewards for posting on social media? We all do it anyway, why not get free stuff out of it. Chitter is an app that allows consumers to get free stuff by posting pictures to their social media account. 

Reward programs are not a new concept, but Chitter goes beyond your typical rewards program by making it about social engagement.

4. Rent College Pads

Rent College Pads is an off campus housing community, working with landlords to help students find the best place for them. The site lists rentals and subleases for students to compare.

Their goal is to someday have every landlord on their site, in order to give students the best possible selection. It compares location, price, pictures, landlord ratings, and other amenities in an easy to navigate format.

5. Okanjo

Okanjo is an e-commerce company, working with businesses to build their communities. They began as a marketplace for consumers to buy, sell, and give. They work to connect consumers with sellers, through the media. The site increases trust amongst consumers, by running through local media.

Okanjo also helps businesses sell online through their own websites, by driving customers to their site.

6. Gener8tor 

Gener8tor is a Milwaukee based organization, working to help startups get off the ground by offering them insight, and mentor programs. They also invest in tech companies, and rent out office space to entrepreneurs. They help to gain recognition, and funding for startups.   

7. The Good Jobs

The Good Jobs is an organization that helps companies find their perfect employees and vice versa, by helping companies showcase their culture. Companies are asked to take their Culture Quiz, and then they earn Culture Badges to help them define their culture to future employees. Badges include things like Green DNA, and Flextime for flexible work schedules. Companies then post these badges, in order to attract employees who would be a good fit.

8. MeterHero

MeterHero works with consumers, educators, and companies to track and share water and energy data. The startup aims to change the way we perceive and use utility data. The MeterHero education platform helps middle school teachers introduce project-based learning around benchmarking home water and energy consumption. Larger companies are using MeterHero to combine sustainability and employee engagement programs. The idea behind MeterHero is to create a marketplace for conservation so that we can dramatically improve our ability to live sustainably on the Earth.

9. SpotHopper

SpotHopper is an App, which helps consumers find exactly what they are looking for in a bar, restaurant, brewery, etc. They compare themselves to Pandora for bars and restaurants. The technology allows consumers to ask things like “Where should I go?” Based off their preferences, SpotHopper will make suggestions for them. 

10. Zywave

Zywave is a software company that works with insurance agencies to help them distinguish themselves from their competition in order to grow organically. They work to help insurance firms improve their client services, and efficiency, while gaining market shares, through analytics and competitive analysis.  

11. Find My Spot

Find My Spot is a company that has created a database of rental properties, for employees who are looking to relocate. They noticed that there was a gap in the market, where it was taking employees a long time to find a new place to live after relocating. They have created a program to make relocating easy for employees by reducing the time they spend looking for a new place to live.

12. Snapifeye

Snapifeye is a Milwaukee based startup, working to help companies tell their stories though viral marketing. Their goal is to gain viral status for companies, by creating content from their events. The idea is to grow digital traffic by posting organic content from events. It then uses analytics to determine what consumers are interested in.

13. Offermation

Offermation, a Milwaukee based tech startup, is working to help businesses reach local consumers. Their goal is to reach consumers through special offers that increase loyalty, without losing money for businesses. It works by allowing businesses to create their offer, and share it on Offermations marketplace, where consumers can purchase or share it with their connections. It allows businesses to gain word of mouth and a loyal customer base, while allowing consumers to save money through offers and make money by sharing.

14. HarQen Inc 

HarQen is a software company, which uses its technology to analyze conversations. It allows businesses to capture insight from interviews and meetings. They are working to increase the value of each conversation by allowing clients to analyze and share meetings. 

15. Red Arrow

Red Arrow is a software company that helps businesses develop applications that are geared toward their consumers. They work with companies to develop applications that will fit their needs. Red Arrow has worked on everything from customer portals, to dashboards that follow student’s progress.

Know any Milwaukee startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next Milwaukee list!

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