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Top 10 Technology Companies Making Your Life Better

Top 10 Technology Companies Making Your Life Better



Another day, another list of outstanding companies dedicated to making lives easier! Today, we've got 10 technology companies working hard to improve your life. Each company here offers amazing services, and it's exciting to feature them.

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1. 56

It is common to find many people searching for coupons online in order to save on their spending habits. This company has eliminated all that time you waste on searching for coupons.  The company does the hard of searching the coupons on different stores and gives them to you at no fee. In order to get the cash back on purchases, first sign up on their company website. The sign up process is fast and does not require many details. Once you login, coupons from the top online stores have been listed for you.

2. Open Source Architect 36

Open Source Architect

For those who have always wanted to experience the power of Linux operating systems and JBoss Technology, Open Source Architect is here to help in learning about them. They do offer a number of other impressive services such as consultations. If your company is looking to run on Red Hat operating system or JBoss middleware products, they will give you pointers on which type to choose and how to use it. The company has published a number of tutorials on their website to help people in learning about their software.

3. Razoyo 30


Razoyo makes it possible for people to set up their online web stores and sell their products. We are now in a world where people buy most of their products online. If you are new to eCommerce, Razoyo is a company to consider to help you understand every basic concept of running a web store. The company performs training, consultations and setting up online stores for the clients. Being a competent team, expect to get the best services from Razoyo.

4. IKON Systems 5

IKON Systems

IKON Systems boasts of providing its IT services to people all over the world. The company deals in IT consulting, Business Technology, Outsourcing, testing, Product Engineering and many other services. The company is keen to provide services tailored towards making a better future for the client’s company in terms of IT. Even for those people looking for careers in IT, IKON Systems is here to offer careers in different level. Since the company has state of the art technologies, it gives any person the perfect environment to work.

5. CoreSpace 5


The rise of data centers has seen companies such as CoreSpace being created. The main aim of such a data center is providing space and security to the clients’ data. CoreSpace takes upon data security as one of their core principles. They have implemented the latest technology in data intrusion protection. Once your data is uploaded to their servers, managing it is very simple. The company offers a wide range of tools to use. The support team is impeccable to help clients whenever they need them.

6. Mothernode 4


Managing a business in today’s world needs the use of technology. It is the reason many businesses now have an online presence. It does not stop there, the use of automation tools is important. Mothernode is a company that helps other businesses to take control of their selling process and make the most of it. Their management tool has seen many businesses grow revenue and close on more deals. Mothernode promises to help in improving the customer service management and email marketing campaigns.

7. Clear Technologies 3

Clear Technologies

Clear Technologies is a company that has been around for many years. They have continued to provide the best hardware needs that the clients had. The company has also evolved to provide more services by introducing more products to the industry. They now provide common IT Solutions and products, Technical Services, Agile Recovery Services and Visual Storage intelligence. Such a company has managed to keep itself relevant even with the changes in technology.

8. Teknion 3


Teknion is a company that works to develop business intelligence services to clients. The business intelligence service has helped many companies to have strategies that work for their particular companies. In order to beat the competition in any field, using the best tools is necessary and that is what Teknion provides. Businesses now need software solutions to run efficiently. Teknion provides world-class software solutions to easily manage and grow your business.

9. Collectronics 2


Today attorneys can now get their operations automated. They attorneys need a system that can help them in managing their cases without too much paperwork. Collectronics offers software for tracking the cases progresses through the system. Such a software will help an attorney know which types of cases have been delayed and need immediate action. Collectronics has years of experience in making such systems for making work easier at any other workplace.

10. Unvired 2


Unvired is a company defined by what they do best, which is Systems Applications and Products (SAP). The company works to provide solutions to ensure businesses get mobile and global within a short time. Unvired believes each business now needs mobile apps to reach as many people as possible. Through their mobile platform, it is now easy to integrate a business with the mobile devices. The company offers the services at an affordable price. There is a trial period of a person to use the product before buying the full package. With their expert consulting, your business should be on the right track.

Know of more great companies? Let us know; we'd love to get in contact with them!

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