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Below are the most promising 10 startups that Mabbly predicts will boom the markets of Nashville, Tennessee:

1. InQuickER lets you check-in and get estimated wait-times for ER and urgent care visits or book a doctor appointment easily online. The solution is a win-win for patients and healthcare providers. InQuicker has saved patients 6,171,682 wait time minutes. The online waiting service allows providers to increase patient satisfaction, improve operational productivities and attract new patients. Tyler Kiley, the 27-year-old founder of InQuicker, has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and several other publications for InQuicker’s success.

2. Change Healthcare

Healthcare transparency is a hot topic right now and that is exactly what this startup aims to increase. Change Healthcare strives to change the way people purchase and utilize healthcare services by driving sustainable engagement at the individual level. It offers employees an online portal to learn about their options and make the best decision regarding their health care plans.

3. SplitSecnd

Splitsecnd, the lead product of Nashville startup Cyber Physical Systems, offers a plug-in car crash detector that sends location and accident data to an emergency call center via the cellular network even when you can’t make a call.  It lets you monitor the location and safety of your vehicle from any device so that it can easily be found in case of emergency. Co-founder and CEO, Chris Thomson, and co-founder, Will Green, received $500,000 from the Tennessee Community Ventures in July 2011 to get their idea up and running which is now  framing-out a $3MM to $5MM B-round capital raise.

4. GameWisp

GameWisp is a platform for gaming video creators and viewers. It makes it easy for gamers to find, share, and monetize their video content all in one place. GameWisp was recently accepted into TechStars program for 2014, a three-month program aimed at helping start-up companies grow and develop their products, where they will compete against nine other companies.

5. Spendship

Spendship is an online marketplace filled with over 800 unique products that allows users to promote their favorite products and earn 10% of the sale. It lets you transform your fans into salespeople by offering exclusive rewards for promoting your product.

6. RecruitTalk

RecruitTalk is an online network for student athletes which enables them to easily share their story in hopes of playing sports beyond high school. It lets athletes upload YouTube videos of their best highlights, track their progress and stats and let coaches and scouts know when they are playing next. Former Lipscomb University coach, Scott Sanderson, recently joined the staff after 14 years of coaching.

7. Poliana

Poliana is a web application that uses data visualization to drive political transparency. It strives to simplify the legislative system by analyzing money's infuence in politics. The goal is to identify and address real community issues through government data analysis. Nashville’s mayor, Karl Dean, recently spoke about the technology and his hope that the open-data portal “will serve as the destination for public access to Metro government data in a whole new way.”

8. Wannado

Wannado is a hyperlocal event curation app that helps people find Nashville’s best events and experiences. The app, which gets event information from 160 sources in Nashville, lets you connect with friends, create plans in your calendar and browse the latest happenings based on your interest. The noteworthy startup has developed partnerships with entities such as Entrepreneur Center, The Nashville Technology Council, Hands On Nashville and more.

9. Taigan

Taigan is a curated marketplace featuring a hand-selected collection of designers, artisans and purveyors across 9 lifestyle categories: womens, mens, childrens, food, home, leisure, jewelry, and sporting life. They add 6-10 new shops each month so you will always find new items, from fashion to home, kids to gourmet food, fine jewelry to rare books, and so much more!

10. Populr lets you create and share a single web page faster than you can spell Wordpress. Nashville startup was selected to join 500 Startups, a nationally recognized accelerator program based in Silicon Valley and more recently, was one of 13 Tennessee Startups to exhibit at Southland Conference 2014.

Know any Nashville startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list! 


Posted by Renata Sandor
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