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10 California IT Consulting Firms That Will Take Your IT Blues Away

10 California IT Consulting Firms That Will Take Your IT Blues Away



Technology is a double-edged sword.  Yes, we love it because it makes our lives easier. However, we hate it because it doesn’t always go as planned. Thankfully, we have IT consulting firms to save you from your IT nightmares. Take a look at the top 10 IT consulting firms found in California that Mabbly will be keeping an eye on.


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1. TechMD 2802


Feeling under the weather… with the technology sniffles?

TechMD is an IT service company that manages every aspect of your company’s IT needs. One of the company’s goals is to prevent IT problems before they occur. The company provides real-time IT support through Business Intelligence Dashboards, Processes, and Response Protocols. The company even works alongside internal IT teams and performs a Premium IT Audit that includes a comprehensive analysis of your current environment, network infrastructure, and data security. Get over your tech sniffles, see what TechMD can do for you!

2. Cloud9 Real Time 205

Cloud9 Real Time

Cloud9 Real Time is your all-in-one virtual office solution. The company provides an online portal with instant access to QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and your tax software or other applications, and client data.The company offers services to various businesses including non-profits, legal, and accounting firms. This company takes cloud computing to another level!

3. MoTek Technologies 183

MoTek Technologies

Calling all techies...

MoTek Technologies is a technical talent recruiting firm located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company consults with candidates to gain an extensive understanding of their background and career objectives in hopes of identifying the most effective way to use their skill-sets. Motek’s staffing specialists work directly with hiring managers to accelerate feedback and the interview process. The company even prepares their candidates with company background information to ensure a successful outcome.

4. DataPath 26


DataPath is the leader in Northern California in helping schools design, integrate and manage technology. They serve various other industries such as Agriculture, Enterprise, and Healthcare with a focus in Managed Services, IT Project Management and Cloud Services. DataPath’s success can be linked to their company culture, which encompasses working hard but never taking life too seriously.

5. TekTegrity 4


A company with integrity and a passion for technology...

TekTegrity is an IT management and strategies firm that offers 4 different information technology products: Essential, Premier, TekCloud and IT Pro, that fit your company’s specific IT needs. The company’s ultimate goal is to increase efficiency and improve employee communications.

6. Senturus 1


Senturus is a consulting firm specializing in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Planning. The company offers complete project implementations, assessment and roadmap consultations, upgrade and support packages, and training. They use numerous software systems including IBM Cognos, Microsoft, SAP/Business Objects, and Oracle. Senturus leads companies every step of the way, with science… and brains.

7. NovelASPect 0


NovelASPect provides IT support to small businesses and accountants, providing them with everything they need to function properly. Specializing in Citrix virtualization and application hosting, the company is changing the way businesses access data. With NovelASPect, users are guaranteed application delivery, anywhere access, total redundancy, physical and online data security, and disaster recovery.

8. Black Lotus Communications 0

Black Lotus Communications

Black Lotus Communications is a fearless company, making moves as DDoS mitigation specialists.  The company delivers DDoS protection to service providers and enterprises via network defense, website defense, and managed dedicated services. With Black Lotus, you can feel safe in the face of the most severe and intimidating DDoS threats.

9. SpearMC Consulting 0

SpearMC Consulting

SpearkMC Consulting is a technology and professional services firm that focuses on Oracle/PeopleSoft Applications. SpearMC’s expert team fills the gap between business and technology, while helping organizations better manage its ERP software. If you’re looking to have your project complete on time and on budget, SpearMC makes this promise!

10. Phenom Software 0

Phenom Software

Phenom Software is a boutique IT consulting firm that provides a social software to various industries. The company’s goals are to elevate brands, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. They do this through productivity experience, enterprise applications, user experience, enterprise architecture, cloud computing, performance engineering, IT assessment, and portfolio management.

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