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Top 10 Companies to Help with Your IT Needs

Top 10 Companies to Help with Your IT Needs



There has been an increase in the technology companies in the new world. These companies understand that people need help in implementing any new technology that might be out there. Expect that more people are likely to take new technology without knowing its effects on their business. The companies below should help any person or business make smart technology choices.

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1. Data2Save 30


Data2Save is an IT company that looks to offer any solution to any IT needs you might have as a person or company. The company provides web design services and hosting the websites after they have been designed. You get full a range of application development services. Experiencing malware in the systems is a common thing for any data center. Remove such malware and viruses by using the services provided by this company.

2. Valintry 22


There was a time that getting a job meant you had to visit the company physically. Now with companies such as Valintry, people can now easily find their dream jobs without moving from their seat. The company offers many other different IT solutions other than just staffing, but they have revolutionized this for other businesses. They have streamlined the process of submitting open opportunities for companies, which reduces time and costs for their partners. In addition, they have a two-step verification, covering both fit and culture, ensuring that the candidate is a great fit for a prospective company.

3. Cloudingo 20


This company offers a number of services that any business would need to have better data integrity. They perform data cleansing, data integration and helping the users to feel the full power of Salesforce.com. With Cloudingo, you can enhance your Salesforce data and eliminate existing duplicates records which have a negative effect on reporting, sales, and marketing efforts. Prevent email spamming by eliminating the chance of sending multiple emails to the same person, ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date information, and cleanse imported data. There’s so much you can do with Cloudingo to make your data work for you, instead of you having to work for your data.

4. Kickbox 17


Kickbox is an email address verification service that helps email marketers decrease bounce rates, increase open rates and improve overall email performance by identifying high-value contacts from an opt-in list of emails. Protect your email reputation by ensuring you are sending the right kind of information to good quality contacts. The sorting process is quite easy based on the instructions offered by the company. Kickbox will separate the good, the bad, and the ugly from your email list.

5. Walkbase 12


The dream of any business is to know what the client needs then provide the solution. With the help of Walkbase platform, a business can get in touch with the client tastes and give them what they really need. The platform provides impressive online store matching for analyzing the in-store behavior useful to businesses. The company uses Wi-Fi and BLE technology to help in doing the best analysis of the customer shopping profiles. The business sectors that can benefit from such services include high street retail, shopping malls, automotive retail and grocery chains.

6. ZechWare 10


It is common for a company in this era to have an IT department. We are now depending on companies such as ZechWare to provide the staffing services. ZechWare analyzes all the company needs and finds the right staff for the job. Their focus on IT staff augmentation is unparalleled, offering superb staffing services for companies that require specialized help in highly specific areas. The company is responsible for providing technology consultation services. The provision of world-class service at less cost is what makes people love to use ZechWare more often.

7. MODX 6


MODX is trying to bring in quite a revolution to the industry of content management. Your CMS system should not limit the way you deliver the company brand to people willing to listen. You might have been let down by other platforms, but this is different from the others. The designers have revolutions marked all around the service delivery. They ensure that your project runs successfully with a vision. The provision of MODX cloud makes them unique in the field of CMS platforms.

8. CopperMobile 4


With the introduction of apps, many businesses now need apps to connect with their clients. CopperMobile is here to provide that bridge between clients and businesses by developing apps. The apps developed by this company are streamlined to ensure easy interactivity between the business and client. The company also conducts mobility consulting to ensure that any business can incorporate their services availability across the major mobile devices. The company can still help in refining your app. They can check, test and eliminate bugs in apps before you release it to the general population.

9. EasyCheck 4


Sometimes you might have trouble with organizing your work and other important tasks on how they should be completed. EasyCheck offers a platform to manage your tasks by prioritizing each task the correct way. With teams using this platform, they can always update the progress of the task even if you are not around them. The platform is flexible to incorporate different needs a user might have. You can now easily communicate with your team when they out in the field and you are in the office.

10. SocialStrategy1 3


SocialStrategy1 is a social media management company that helps clients take advantage of new ways to engage with their customers. Knowing that social media is more important than ever for improved customer service, SocialStrategy1 compiles and analyzes a massive range of data to help companies more accurately target their audience and provide a uniquely personalized experience. Their drive to provide the best services possible has rewarded them with constant growth over their three years as a team, and as they continue to expand and reach new clients, their dedication to superb customer service continues to flourish.

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