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Tools You Absolutely Need

Tools You Absolutely Need



Completing long processes or tasks can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you have to finish them alone. They can take up significant amounts of time and may even house a few mistakes. In order to cut out the stress of important processes and tasks, you should look to the twelve businesses below. Not only do they focus on convenience and accessibility, they offer strong relationships, which we know is an essential part of business. Check out the businesses below for some of the best tools that can push your business to the next level:

1. DataProphet 61


DataProphet uses advanced machine learning algorithms to solve prediction problems. They offer predictive analytics and focus on implementing their machine learning system for call centers. DataProphet utilizes Machine Learning Algorithms, which are typically used for artificial intelligence tasks allowing them to create non-linear solutions which are impossible to achieve conventionally. They also provide low-level optimized actionable information which facilitates a high degree of fidelity when returning results. They are not like traditional statistical type consulting like excel.

2. Results On Air 56

Results On Air

Frustrated with the buying process of TV ads and the lack of real analytics, Results On Air was developed. They help brands and their media agencies understand, on a web analytics-level, which direct response TV ads bring the best results. They also have the most advanced TV attribution solution in the industry. They have 24/7 response tracking, TV schedule integration, and granular results. These three factors help them be the best business that has confidence in their business, tech with character, and impact that matters. Results On Air Founder, Cristo Pajust, shared this simple, yet powerful advice for others just starting out: “Start selling right away, sell your customers something.”

3. Houserie 46


Through experiences of renting out properties to questionable tenants because conduction, credit, and background checks were unduly difficult or inaccurate, Houserie was founded. Houserie provides numerous screening products to ensure that the tenant can pay rent. It keeps information safe and secure so it is not questionable on whether or not a landlord will misplace paper applications with sensitive social security or credit information. The founders of Houserie built a cloud based Saas application that helps landlords and rental owners.

4. Viridom 25



Viridom makes your homes energy more intelligent. They do this by integrating an algorithmic intelligence into products and services for smart energy homes and buildings. Their mission is to help people understand and control their energy consumption and realize the financial gain for becoming more green. Viridom Co-founder, Dr. Zinon Zinonos, shared, “You need to be as close as possible to your customers and be a part of a community of entrepreneurs to validate their solution. Also, never underestimate the power of a good team.”

5. AdEspresso 7


AdEspresso makes Facebook advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses. Whether you want to sell more products, grow your fan base, or increase engagement with your community, AdEspresso will help you create and optimize an advertising campaign that truly works. AdEspresso Founder, Massimo Chieruzzi, shared this advice: “Ask for money as soon as you have a working product, and don’t be afraid to hear the word ‘no'. Ask people for help or suggestions and be open to that. Remember that a single ‘yes’ can make all the difference.”

6. HelloBond 2


HelloBond was created to strengthen relationships. They are driven to create technology that strengthen the bonds between people, while housing a unique team of designers and engineers who love creating beautiful things. HelloBond particularly loves handwriting and robots. Bond founder Sonny Caberwal shared, “The goal and pursuit of starting your own company and being an entrepreneur is to see what your capable. It’s an exercise of self actualization. You need to understand the meaning of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it; it’s far more important than money.”

7. WDT Inc. 2

WDT Inc.

WDT Inc. offers mind blowing weather analytics on a global scale in order to remain a step ahead of Mother Nature for over fifteen years. They provide precision weather data to developers and decision makers for added value and life-saving capability while protecting employees, assets, and the bottom line via advanced monitoring and meteorological solutions. They have turnkey integrated systems that ensure the safety of individuals and protection property on a global scale. WDT Inc. also makes the weather more accessible than ever with app capability to match any level of understanding. Co-founder and CEO Mike Eilts say, “Perseverance is key...it’s a twenty mile march. Sticking to incremental growth and core values is really important.”

8. Updater 0


Updater Founder, David Greenberg, says, “Optimize the company by finding the best talent. Find the best people possible then get out of their way. Also, it’s important to recognize when an employee is the wrong fit.” Updater was created to turn moving headaches into business opportunities while organizing and completing your moving tasks for free. Updater loves the excitement of moving, but hates the drama so they created a simple solution to help movers.

9. ExpenseBot 0


ExpenseBot’s mission is to make expense reports simpler than ever through an easy to use interface and game-changing automation. Their integrations, mobile apps, and friendly team guarantee that customers spend fewer hours and lose less sleep over expense reports. ExpenseBot Co-founder, Ed Buchholz, shared, “Membership is key. I found that having the right mentors, who were willing to share advice really made a significant difference in my business.” He also gave an extra piece of advice saying, “Just do it! Your product or idea does not exist until you do it. You’ve got to make something from nothing.”

10. myTips 0


myTips takes the pain of on-boarding and user training away, gets your customers set up quickly, and saves you time on customer support. They also help customers on-board your new customers and answers their frequently asked questions with the help of interactive step-by-step tutorials and on-screen tips. myTips can replace or complement your existing video tutorials and support documentation. myTips Founder, Bogdan Suchyk, shared this, “set proper goals and create an action plan. Then, try to divide those steps into a format that you can use to create results as soon as possible and therefore get feedback as fast as possible.”

11. iDoneThis 0


iDoneThis has the modest aim of building productivity software that people actually use. They make it easier to track and celebrate the progress that you make at work every day. At the end of the day you will get an email that asks what you did for the day. Simply respond, and the next day you will have a digest that shows your teams accomplishments from the previous day. Founder of iDoneThis, Walter Chen, says, “I recommend anybody interested in entrepreneurship first focus on building a small business. It’s better to create a real $1,000 company than an imaginary billion-dollar company that you never actually launch. I love the approach from Gary Chou, who teaches a course on entrepreneurship at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Chou assigns students to actually go out and start a business that will produce $1,000 in sustainable monthly profit. It’s a powerful way to think of your ideas, and it has been a huge help for us while growing iDoneThis. Build something small, validate, and then scale.”

12. Tenant King 0

Tenant King

Tenant KIng connects you with the people in your building and your neighborhood. It is a private network of neighbors designed to strengthen the communities within Lower Manhattan and Long Island City’s high-rises. Tenant King is the simplest way to connect with your neighbors and strengthen the community within your building. It allows you to buy, sell, and swap furniture, electronics, and services. Tenant King co-founder Mihkel Noormagi shared this advice, “Learning from our customers and users and then monitoring their behavior has helped us greatly in terms of making better decisions moving forward.”

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