Tips to Get Your Start-Up Noticed with Animated Video

Tips to Get Your Start-Up Noticed with Animated Video

Animated video has quickly become a popular way to effectively market start-up businesses.

This creative tool can spice up your marketing campaign in a variety of ways, with a choice of style, tone and message. The innovation and versatility at hand makes it fantastic for explaining products as well as defining and propagating a strong brand image.

This means that it can make your company stand out even against strong, well-established competition.

When introducing a new business to the market, the promotional approach you take can significantly impact its success – including brand identity and conversions generated. So why not consider the original and creative appeal that you could achieve with animated video.

Eye-catching and thought provoking visual and audio stimulation in the form of animation can simultaneously entertain and inform an audience. Once you have decided on your key message, your animated video can play a significant part in your marketing campaign.

Whether you decide to use 3D motion graphics or an informational whiteboard video, animation has a great deal of potential.

Here are our top tips for creating an animated video that will propel your start-up business.

1. Warmly welcome your audience-

To make a positive impact on viewers, your video should recognize and appreciate them. This means taking a consumer focused approach from the start and relating to viewers. Only then will they listen to your inspiring message or amazing offer.

Before diving into making your video, think about the concept you will apply to reach out to your target viewers. An engaging script, key information, attractive images and captivating movement can inspire a great first impression of your brand.

2. Decide on key information to share-

A high quality video can explain a lot about your offering in a short amount of time and encourage viewers to approach your company.

First, though, the objective of your video needs to be clear. This can help you decide on the message you want to convey so that you can begin to plan your animation.

To make your animated video truly efficient, keep your message reasonably brief. People lead increasingly busy lives and have shorter attention spans – particularly online- so you will need to be quick and to the point. Once you’ve provided an intriguing welcome, proceed to present the important facts.

Decide on the crucial pieces of information you want to communicate and assemble these into a story or concept that viewers can’t help but keep watching.

Communicating in this way is not only efficient but it also makes your message more memorable!

3. Decide on an animation style-

The purpose of your animated marketing video and the audience you are targeting will impact on the animation technique you choose. This will impact on decisions like voiceovers and illustrations, so it’s a good idea to have this in mind early on. Look through a range of stop motion, doodle video and motion graphics animations to help you make your decision.

Once you know what animation technique you will use, you can start to develop a unique tone, style, concept and set of images for your marketing video. This will help to define your brand’s personality. The more original and targeted it is, the more viewers that will remember it.

4. Inspire confidence from viewers-

Corporate social responsibility is massively important to consumers nowadays. Therefore, it is useful to provide accurate information on corporate values and ethical actions in your brand message.

Presenting your company in a way that viewers respect and trust is key to giving your start-up a great fighting start. Present an air of authority, but don’t be smug, and back up your declarations with solid facts.

Although animation will use visual and audio stimulation to draw viewers in and engage them, you need them to be inspired by genuine facts. The reason they stay to learn more should be because you have offered them something of value.

Detailing the reasons your business came about and the company’s evolution can make for an engaging story and foster feelings of understanding, appreciation and connection from potential customers.

The combination of stimuli with trusted and treasured information can motivate viewers to watch your video all the way to the end. In fact, having the power to retain an audience is one of the top benefits of animated marketing videos.

Remember – nobody will interact with a company they don’t trust or that they disapprove of.

Make sure you use animation to its full potential and present an all-round appealing image.

5. Present a brand that will be remembered-

Getting your animated advert watched is only half the battle. You need to make an impact and ensure your new business is remembered and recognised.

An animated video can help to form brand identity by presenting memorable visuals, audio and style that build an entire brand personality. This will be associated with the useful information and values presented.

Integrating emotional triggers in your animation can help to define your personality and style, whilst helping to engage your audience. Try some humour, or perhaps a touch of adventure and suspense.

6. Be creative-

The only limits to animation are your imagination and willingness to try something new.

If the message you want to share is difficult to express in live action or text, then animation becomes even more valuable. 

You can convey anything with animation. A microscopic molecule can be made visible to the naked eye, a building can be navigated around, and even invisible phenomena like cloud storage can be illustrated. This means anything can be explained clearly and creatively.

7. Unclutter your landing page- 

Once you’ve produced a high-quality animated video that presents all key information to web visitors, you can finally free up your website of all that text and overwhelming content.

This will make it far more user friendly, which will retain visitors for longer.

The constant movement, changing images and flowing ideas in an animated video keep web users engaged. If your important message harmonises well with the movement and animation, your video will be very pleasant to watch.

If potential customers have gotten as far as viewing your web video to the end, they are likely to make a conversion, such as fill in a questionnaire or send off for a free sample. This can start up a valuable dialogue.

8. Share your information fast and at a low cost- 

Presenting your information efficiently will not only increase your chances of keeping viewers engaged to the end, but it will also minimise costs. Start-up businesses need to keep expenses down, so animated video is a prime choice.

There are already many companies exploiting animation’s potential to use a combination of narrative and supporting visuals to communicate a message clearly and efficiently (regarding time and cost).

The typical length of an effective animated explainer video is 30–90 seconds. Even for a start-up company, this is enough to share key information. To find out more, they will delve deeper into your website or other channels.

Because animated videos are short and cost relatively little, a return on investment in a quality video can soon be experienced.

I hope that by following these top tips you will gain fantastic results with your animated video. Increased conversions, web presence and brand recognition are just some of the many benefits that can be enjoyed.

Presenting an innovative and strong first impression with animated video might end up being the best marketing investment you ever make.

Have any tips about creating animated videos? Do you think animated videos are a good way to capture audience attention? Post your comment below.

About the Author

Marianna Keen is a blog and script writer at Qudos Animations, an animation studio that focuses on creating unique and engaging explainer videos for start-up companies worldwide. Click here for more benefits of animated videos and details of the services the studio provides.

You can contact the studio on (+44) 020 8891 2077 or by email: , or follow Marianna on Google Plus.

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