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Tips of the Trade: Instagram Success

Tips of the Trade: Instagram Success



Finding success on social media has become the new norm. Companies simply must have a presence, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other service. However, it remains non-negotiable - a good social media presence can work wonders. One company in particular has seen incredible growth, leading more and more businesses to create a voice on their platform. Instagram, the photo sharing app, has become a monstrously popular service over the past few years. Creating a presence on it is becoming increasingly enticing, and for good reason - it has led to enormous success for countless companies.

Just how popular is Instagram, exactly? Let’s look at the numbers. Their roughly 300 million active monthly users share about 70 million photos, leading to 2.5 billion daily likes.

Beyond that, Instagram boasts more users than Twitter, a monumental achievement - considering Twitter had roughly 280 million users at the time of that publication, it’s impossible to deny Instagram’s power and success. Their growth seems to be practically exponential. No wonder Facebook paid a collective $1 billion to acquire them.

So how exactly do businesses harness this power to their advantage? Take a look at how the app functions. As a photo-sharing tool, users must rely on creativity and intuition to stand out from the crowd. Companies must do the same, too - any disenfranchised attempts to market themselves will stand out like a sore thumb. However, Instagram makes it easier for businesses to get their name out there - by its very nature, it offers the chance for companies to share products, give sneak peeks into workplace culture, and simply connect with their clientele.

With this in mind, what does a company with a great Instagram presence do to succeed? They’ve managed to successfully transfer their brand to Instagram. Their identity is not compromised; on the contrary, they use the platform to their advantage through total knowledge of their clientele, as well as an understanding of the typical Instagram user. They find the intersection between the two and market their brand from there. It’s ingenious, really - all it requires is the knowledge that different social media platforms function differently. They cater to different people, and companies who realize and adapt to this will inevitably succeed in their foray towards social media domination.

That’s all it boils down to - finding the intersection between your brand and Instagram users. That’s not to say it’s necessarily easy to create a presence; as with all social media options, getting your name established requires work (and perhaps a bit of luck). It pays off, though - remember those stats previously mentioned. There is a massive pool of potential customers and supporters to which a company can appeal. There’s no reason not to reach out to them, so see what Instagram can do for you!

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