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Tips for Scaling Your Business

Tips for Scaling Your Business



Many entrepreneurs may feel that the actual process of starting a business is the hardest part of owning your own company. As Small Business Trends points out, however growing and scaling that business can be even more difficult to some. Not only do you have to get the business to start growing, but you have to make sure that it continues to grow at a steady pace. So what are some tips for scaling your business?

Build a Foundation First

According to Inc, a structure is only as strong as its weakest point. If you build on a weak foundation, the whole business will be weak. Those entrepreneurs who plan to spend their next few years building a business needs to first make sure that their business is being built on a solid foundation. Your contacts need to be strong...people you can trust, people who can benefit your business. Your suppliers must be strong...if they cannot supply you, then you cannot supply your customers. Your employees and contractors need to be strong. If their work is weak, it reflects on your business. One weak link can topple an empire.

Build Your Brand

One of the most important things that new business owners skimp out on is building a killer brand. Every step of creating your business, from choosing the name to designing a logo, to running its social media is critical in building your brand. Forbes advises that you should build a brand which you can be passionate about. Let it fit your lifestyle, your ideas, your passions. If you can't be passionate about your own brand, your customers will pick up on this, and be less than enthusiastic as well.

Take Yourself Seriously

This step is very critical in scaling a business. If you don't take yourself and your business serious, no one else will either. Think professional, act professional, and look professional. This includes many areas of life – from social media to where your office is located. For example, you should always remain professional online, on any social media outlet. Posting pictures of your last drunk-fest or fighting it out with the competition online makes you look unprofessional and encourages people not to take you seriously. Running a business out of your garage has the same effect. Get an office, protect your reputation, and take yourself, and your business seriously. When you look and act like a growing business, you will become one.

Ignore the Negative

An article from Inc admits that tuning out the noise is one of the hardest steps to scaling a business. “Being successful relies heavily on instinct and intuition. You'll come up with great ideas, be offered well-meaning suggestions, and sometimes feel you're spinning in circles. Learning to filter out the noise and choose the right ideas that best fit your company's direction is crucial.” Anything or any idea which is not beneficial to your business or its well-being needs to be filtered out. This is not a time for making friends...this is business. Don't be afraid to discount someone's ideas or thoughts if they could harm your business.

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